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New Mexico State Flag

New Mexico State Flag


The state of New Mexico Flag is digitally printed on 200 denier SolarMax® nylon. The fabric is made for outdoor use with four rows of stitching on the fly end. The material of the flag starts as white, the yellow background and red sun symbol are printed using DuPont ink. The flag is treated to resist sun and chemical deterioration. The state of New Mexico flag is printed single side reverse, which means it reads correctly on the front and reads in reverse on the back. However, the New Mexico flag is the same in the front as it is in the back, so you would never notice. Our flags are have canvas header material and brass grommets on 12″x18″ through 6’x10′. 8’x12′ and larger are finished with D Rings and either canvas webbing or rope and thimble. 4’x6′ and smaller are available with pole hem and/or fringe.

MADE in the USA

History of New Mexico State Flag:

  • Adopted in 1925
  • There is a red sun symbol representing the Zia people on a yellow background
  • It was designed in in 1920 to represent Native American Pueblo and Nuevo Mexico Hispano
  • The colors are inspired by the Cross of Burgundy and the Crown of Aragon
  • One of four states with no blue in the flag
  • The daughters of the American Revolution held a contest to design a flag
    • Harry Mera won the contest
  • “Four is a sacred number which symbolizes the Circle of Life: the four directions, the four times of day, the four stages of life, and the four seasons”
    • The circle binds the four elements together
  • The North American Vexillology Association rated 72 of the US and Canadian flags in 2001 and New Mexico was rated first

12inx18in, 2ftx3ft, 3ftx5ft, 4ftx6ft, 5ftx8ft, 6ftx10ft, 8ftx12ft, 10ftx15ft, 12ftx18ft

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