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Service & Installation

The professional staff at Custom Flag will assist you with all of your flagpole needs. We do everything from installation of your pole, repairing your halyard, replacing flagpole parts, and even cleaning and repairing your weather worn flags. This is a sampling of the service we provide...call and talk to us to discuss the specifics of your project.

Flagpole Installation

We specialize in installing ANY size and type of flagpole. We are fully insured and trained to provide safe and timely flagpole installations. We are compliant in all OSHA standards and trained to comply with Government jobs as well as file all necessary paperwork including certified payroll of Davis-Bacon Wages. No job is too big! No job is too small!


Move or Relocate Flagpoles

Are you or your business moving and you would like to take your flagpole? Our team can assist you with moving any size flagpole from your existing location to a new location.

Flagpole Service

Our team will come to your residential or commercial location and perform routine maintenance, and take preventative measures to ensure that your pole always displays your flag with pride.

Install Banners

Installation of all types of banners including Avenue Banners and Poles

Flagpole Repair

Repair flagpoles, replace parts such as truck assembly, gold ball, eagle, cleat and halyard. We also paint steel flagpoles, replace broken flagpole shafts, straighten leaning poles, clean discolored aluminum poles,

Install Fence Scrim

When you would like to block an unsightly construction site or unveil a project, our professional team can install very large fence scrim banners.

To reach out to our service team, email us!


Maintenance Program or Service Agreement
to Maintain Flags & Flagpoles

Don’t worry about your flagpole or flags. We offer special service pricing for customers who agree to monthly, every-other month or quarterly service of changing out flags.

Clean and Repair Flags

We can clean and mend any type of flag that is tattered. This service will prolong the life of your flag.

Proper Disposal of Flags

When your flag is ready to retire, bring it in and Custom Flag Company will properly dispose of your flag in a respectful manner. This is a complimentary service for our flag clients.