Flag of the Week- Double Sided without Liner

The Flag of the Week is a printed 3' x 5' Double Sided Flag without a liner that was provided to us by a customer. This product is a great example of why it is important for double sided flags to come with a liner in between that separates both digitally printed flags. We understand our flags might seem high at first, but with the price comes excellent quality, durability, present-ability, and customer service. We want our customers to be satisfied, and that is why we only offer high quality material and printing options. Our double sided flags are in essence three flags sewn together with a linear in between. As for the flag below, it is one piece of fabric printed directly on both sides, but with no liner in between, which is why the image can be seen through the material on the opposing side. Quality matters! 

Low Quality DS3.jpg
Low Quality DS.jpg
Posted on August 13, 2018 .

Is A Service Plan Right For You?

Custom Flag Company is well known for our custom flags, but did you know we also have a full service technician team ready to make your life easier with our no hassle service offering? Our service guarantees your spirit, image, and visibility will always be 110%. 

What? What is our service agreement?

Our service agreement includes professional flagpole technicians who come to your location to ensure all your flagpole parts are working properly. While on site, we will change out the flags currently flying with replacement flags, either clean and repair your flying flags or, if necessary, properly dispose of them. We also ensure your rope is in great condition, without excessive wear, as well as your snap hooks or cables. 

Who? Who is this service open too?

This service is open to anyone. Whether you are a large corporation, a family run business, or a resident. We are happy to help you!

Where? Where do we service

We are located in Westminster, Colorado and proudly serve the Rocky Mountain Front Range

When? When do we service

When we service is completely up to you. We offering a bi-weekly, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual service schedule. We want to meet the needs of each and every client and understand that each location has different needs. 

Why? Why a service agreement
We offer this service to enable our customer to have a worry free experience while maintaining high visibility, spirit and a clean image. 

Are you ready to schedule your service today? If so please reach out to Chris, at chris@customflagcompany.com 



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Get to Know Zach

Where were you born? Denver

Coffee or Tea? Two Rivers Coffee in the morning. Boulders Dushanbe Tea house in the evening.

Cat or Dog? My cat is hunting your dog right now

PC or Mac? What is a PC?

Mountains or Beach? A beach in the mountains

Cook or Restaurant? Chipotle

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall? Spring in the mountains. Summer at the beach.

What is your favorite sport to watch? Hockey

If your life was turned into a movie, what actor or actress would play you? My roommates would say Winston Bishop (Lamorne Morris in New Girl). Winston loves pranks, often too small or too big. I love pranks, both too big and too small.

Tell us an Interesting Tidbit or one of your Guilty Pleasures: Ice cream. I love ice cream but I am very particular about my ice cream. Excellent ice cream is essential to a health body, soul and mind. 

Posted on August 2, 2018 .

FORE!! Fore Balls or Fore Drinks

With warm weather surrounding us, getting outside and scheduling a tee time is a must. Even if you are thinking, " I do not golf", you will be surprised there is something in it for anyone. Whether it is driving the cart, keeping the cart girl busy, or enjoying the social aspect at least you get to enjoy the weather.  I have recently started golfing myself, and learned that Sergio Garcia makes a difficult task look easy. For me, I never have been able to use one ball to finish a course and always find myself near the ponds or trees. Luckily, their is a flag that fits my style- the 19th hole. The great thing is, these flags are meant for all types of golfers- the serious ones and the ones just looking to have a good time.  Which type of golfer are you? 

Posted on August 2, 2018 .