Happy Earth Day!!

The first thoughts that come across my colleagues and I's mind when we hear the word Earth Day is planting trees, paper shredder, water, conservation, and Disney's earth day movies. As our recent vendor has started selling ECO-GLORY® flags it is on our mind this year. ECO-GLORY® flags have a similar feeling to 200 Denier Nylon, but are made out of 100% Post Consumer Recycled material that still have embroidered stars and stripes with enforced seams.  I personally believe that the more aware consumers and producers are of the environment, they more likely they are to make changes. 


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Truly Customized Products!

Recently, a client had reached out to our graphic department wondering the possibility of a hand drawn picture being turned into a custom digital printed flag. The answer, ABSOLUTELY. Our graphic team used their skills to compile the artwork into vector format and away it went to productions. With the creativity of our clients, and the mastery of our graphics team, the possibilities are endless. 

The finished product was a single side reverse digital print flag, that was 100% customized by our client. By our team compiling the flag in vector format, the finished product had clear cut lines and zero pixelation. 

If you have any ideas, please send them our way and we will work with you to create your customized product.  

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Flagpole Installation!

As we approach flag flying season, consider using our service experts to install your flagpole. There are several steps, and precautionary measures that must happen in order for the installation to be a success. 

Step 1:

For starters, we want our clients to always have the perfect size flagpole, whether it is at your home, at your work, or in a park. If you are unsure what size is right for you, we can schedule one of our technicians to come out to do a site visual. We will assist you  on where the flagpole should be located. We will consider the surroundings to provide the best visibility. 

Step 2: 

In order to dig safe, calling an underground locate is required. A locate marks the area for gas lines, electrical lines, plumbing, and telecommunications. This step should not be ignored, the consequence of hitting a gas or electrical line are massive.

Step 3: 

Once locate is finished, we dig a  hole, and will place a PVC or steel ground sleeve in the hole. Next, we add cement around the ground sleeve.

Step 4: 

After the cement is cured, 3 to 7 days later,  the pole will be placed in the ground sleeve. Depending on the height of the flagpole we would utilize a crane or our service technicians can walk up a short flagpole. Dry packed sand is poured in the area between the flagpole and the ground sleeve. The sand insures that the flagpole is level and provides a little give for high winds.  

Step 5:

Proudly hoist an American made US flag, State flag, or a personalized custom made flag. 

Todd Install 2.jpg
Todd Install3.jpg
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101: Types of Fabric

There are two main types of fabrics we use at Custom Flag, Nylon and Polyester- but which one is the right choice for you. If you are ever unsure feel free to call us and we can assist you in the decision.

Otherwise, Polyester holds up great against weather as it absorbs the least amount of water, is the most UV resistant, and mildew resistant. Another bonus of polyester is its inability to stretch, shrink, or pile. 

As for Nylon, it holds up against weather as well, as it dries quickly after absorbing moisture and is mildew resistant. The nylon material does have the ability to stretch, but will never shrink. 

As for looks, both provide a durable flag, but the nylon has its own beauty as the sun's translucency is seen through the fabric creating a nice glow similar to a stained glass window.


A nylon flag with the sun gleaming through. 

A nylon flag with the sun gleaming through. 

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