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Searching for a custom flag maker? You have come to the right place!

Custom Flag Company has been a preferred custom flag maker since 1998. The personal attention we provide makes your flag buying process easy, quick, and simple. We staff two full-time graphic artists who help to create a customized flag for any occasion or event. Custom Flag Company specializes in assisting companies and individuals promote their image, spirit and visibility through a wide variety of custom products. The custom products we provide are intended to help increase your visibility.
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How are custom flags made?

Custom Flag Turn-around time

Digital Printed Flag: As a custom flag maker, we frequently get asked how our products are made. Digitally printed flags are the most popular option for making a custom flag, using state of the art Reggiani digital printers and the best UV resistant inks. The complexity of the design and the number of colors are unlimited with digital printed custom flags.

Applique’ Custom Flag: This is a hand-sewn flag made with intricate detail. Every flag is individually assembled and hand stitched by our flag creators and  expert sewing crew through layering fabric on fabric. This is the oldest method of custom flag and banner manufacturing. Simple designs work best for appliqued flags, some complex designs simply cannot be hand-sewn. Color options are limited to select pre-dyed 200 denier nylon colors. No gradations, spot color only. 

What types of fabric are used to make custom flags?

200 denier Nylon is used most often to make custom flags. Occasionally, other fabrics are used to make flags, banners, and other custom items. These fabrics include: Block Out Polyester, 200 denier dacron, jet flag/Evertex, 300 and 600 denier polyester, jersey mesh, poly stretch, and satin.


Should I order my flag double sided so my logo reads correctly?

Single Side Reverse Flag CFC Logo
Double Sided Flag CFC

Not necessarily. Most flags are made single side reverse, including 48 of the 50 states. The human brain can read in reverse making Single Side Reverse a great, affordable option. Here is more information to help you make a decision:

Single Side Reverse: As a custom flag maker, we see the single side reverse flags are the most common type of custom flags made. The front reads correctly and the back is a mirror image. With digital print, the ink penetrates through the back side making the text/image backwards on the back. With applique flags, additional layers of fabric are used on the back side of the flag and once hand-trimmed, the back is in reverse. The benefits of a single side reverse is the flag will fly nicely in the wind and it is cost effective.

Double Sided: Two identical flags are made (digital print or applique) and sewn together, back to back, resulting in a double-sided flag. The benefit of a double-sided flag is the logo and design read correctly on both sides of the flag. It must be noted that double sided flags are heavy, because they are constructed with three layers of fabric, and take a large amount of wind to lift the flag off the pole to fly freely. This is the best option for indoor use or parade sets.

What type of finish should I get?

Header & Grommets: This is the most common finish for an outdoor flag. It is a strong, pure white canvas strip of fabric sewn along the hoist side of the flag, which we call “header” and brass eyelets placed at the top and bottom, which we call “grommets”. Larger flags may have a webbing type header and additional grommets along the header, plus “D” Rings or Roped Thimble replacing the standard grommets at the top and bottom of the flag for added strength.

Pole Sleeve for indoor or parade flag: A pole sleeve is constructed with an opening at the top and bottom to allow an ornament to attach to the pole. A leather tab is included to attach the flag to the indoor flagpole.

Pole Sleeve for outdoor flags: The pole sleeve is constructed with the top of the sleeve sewn, or as we call “closed top” pole sleeve. This allows the flag to slip over the top of the flagpole for an economical option to fly an attraction flag.

Hemmed on all four sides: This option does not have header or a pole sleeve. It is simply hemmed around all four sides. This flag is not made to fly on a pole, but commonly used to frame the flag.

How long does it take for a custom flag to be made?

Standard Production of Digital Printed Flags: 2 -3 week turn-around time.

Applique custom flags: 4-6 week turn-around time.

Large Custom Flags (12’x18’ or larger): 3-4 week turn-around time.

Large quantity orders of 100 or more flags, or very complex applique flags, the turn-around time could be longer.

How long should my flag last?

Truly, there is no exact answer. It would be great if a flag came an expiration date. Should it last a month, a quarter, a year, a lifetime?

Flag life is based on several factors: Flag type, Weather, Wind, Sun, Pollution and Carelessness.

No two flags receive identical wear, even flying on the same pole at different times of the year.

The U.S. Government generally expects a nylon or cotton flag to last 90 days based on being flown daily from sunrise to sunset – but not during periods of inclement weather. Tests have shown that, in some cases, a flag flown 24 hours a day will last only one-fourth as long as one flown only during the daylight hours.

Regardless of how well it is constructed, even when using a high quality custom flag maker, a flag is, after all, only made of cloth and will sooner or later succumb to the elements. However, it has been well documented that reasonably good care can contribute greatly to a longer life.

Depending on conditions, some flags need to be replaced 2 or 3 times a year.

How to care for your flag

The best ways to prolong the life of your flag:

Take down your flag in inclement weather, watch the corner on the fly end of your flag (this is normally the first area to show signs of wear and tear), occasionally washing your flag in cold water with mild detergent will prevent dirt and pollutants from attacking your flag, trim off the frayed edges and re-hem the flag.

Cleaning and repairing your flag will significantly extend the life of your flag and your flag investment. We offer this service! Drop it off, mail it to us, or we can come by take your flag down, clean and mend it, and return it a week later. Consider having your custom flag maker make two flags and rotate them on a regular basis. Your flagpole will never be without a flag. Keep one flag flying while one flag is being clean and repaired.

What size custom flag should I get?

This is a very common question, along with, how big is a 3×5 flag? Below is a chart with recommended flag sizes for different types of flagpoles. If you are using the flag for a different application, please reach out to us to discuss what size flag would work best for you.