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Services Available


We have a service team that can install your brand new flagpole, move an existing flagpole, or remove an old damaged flagpole that is no longer needed. Most of our installations are done in the Denver Metro area. But we can go from Southern Colorado up to Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Flagpole Repairs

Are you having an issue with your flagpole? We are available to help! Our service team will come spruce up your flagpole so you can get your flags flying high. We can also change out your flags when they are getting tattered and worn. We offer a service agreement so you never have to worry about your flags. We will make sure they are always looking great! We can easily service your flagpole in the Denver Metro area, but are also available from Pueblo to Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Free Art

When designing a custom flag, Adobe Illustrator is the best place to create a vector file. We know not everyone has Adobe, or needs to purchase it to make one flag. That is why we are here to help. If your design is simple, we can typically recreate it for free. More complex designs may come at a cost.