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Commercial Flagpoles

Image, Spirit, Visibility…..It all starts here, your flagpole.

Commercial jobs consist of most of our work and include new construction projects, home builders, government/federal jobs with Mavis Bacon Wage filing, state jobs, sports complexes, public and private schools, public corporations, private companies, mom & pop businesses, office buildings, and much more!



Determine the material of flagpole you would like. Aluminum flagpoles are the most common type of flagpoles we offer. When looking at monster flagpoles, steel is the only option for flagpoles taller than 80 feet tall. We also offer a large variety of fiberglass flagpoles.


Determine the height of flagpole you need. How tall is the commercial building? Is there pedestrian traffic? How many flagpoles are you considering? Is the building on a busy road? How many flags do you plan to fly? Is the building set off the road with open space? Is the flagpole being placed in front of a building in a downtown setting? Are there height restrictions in your city?  We have large selection of commercial grade flagpoles beginning at 20’ tall. We stock 20’, 25’, 30’, 35’, 50’, and 70’ commercial flagpoles. Need taller than that? Contact us for a quote on a custom 100’ steel flagpole.


External or Internal halyard? See detailed information below.


Finish-Satin Finish-silver in color, Clear Anodized-silver in color with a clear finish which prevents corrosion and keeps the flagpole looking great over the years, Bronze Anodized, Black Anodized, and Custom Colored flagpoles.


Once a decision on material, height, system (internal or external) and finish has been determined it is time to determine the grade or WIND RATING of the flagpole. Flagpoles of the same height are not equal. The base diameter and wall thickness as well as the height of the flagpole determine a wind rating. Wind ratings quoted by Custom Flag Company are WITH a flag. Wind rating of 90 MPH is more than sufficient in the State of Colorado.

We would be happy to review your specs for a quote. If you do not have specs, stop by our showroom or call Custom Flag Company to help determine what flagpole best fits your needs. Are you in the Denver area? Our professional staff can meet you on site to help determine what flagpole you need. Not in Colorado? That’s okay, we ship flagpoles across the US. Call today to discuss or schedule an appointment to meet one of our flagpole professionals.

External Halyard Flagpole

The rope runs up and down on the outside of the flagpole.  The rope is held down with a cleat and runs up to a pulley system at the top of the pole known as a truck. This is a “traditional” flagpole, similar to what you might remember at your elementary school.

The benefits of an external halyard flagpole is the ease of use and costs less than an internal halyard flagpole.

External Halyard Flagpole
External Flagpole

Internal Halyard Flagpole

The rope or cable and components are inside of the pole.  The rope is concealed by a locking door that restricts access to the rope for raising and lowering the flag.

The benefits of an internal halyard flagpole this system prevents theft, vandalism and is typically less noisy.

Cam Based

Cam Action Cleat Internal Flagpole

Winch Based

Winch Internal Flagpole
In-Ground Flagpole Quote