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March 6th, 2024

What is a Single Side Reverse Flag?

When inquiring about a custom flag, the common request is for a double sided flag. This is because a single side reverse flag sounds like it will only be printed on one side. Well, it’s not! So, what is a single side reverse flag? A single side reverse flag is a single layer of fabric printed correctly on the front, and reading in reverse on the back.

What is a single side reverse flag?

Why Should I Get a Single Side Reverse Custom Flag? 

We know ordering a custom flag can be costly and we want to make sure you are getting the exact product you need. Fun fact: Did you know 48 of the 50 state flags are single side reverse? And the majority of these state flags have text on them. Below are some benefits of a single side reverse flag. 


A big reason we recommend a single side reverse flag is because of price. It is about half the price of a double sided flag since a double sided flag uses two prints of the same flag. Yes, this means we will make a little less, but we want you to have the superior product. 


It may seem like because the double sided flag is more expensive, it will last longer. That is not the case here. The double sided flag is two flags sewn back to back with a liner in the middle. The flag is pretty heavy causing it to whip more when it flies therefore causing it to fray faster. The single side reverse is lighter, and does not whip as much. Depending on where you live, we usually see a single side reverse flag lasting about 6 months to a year. 


If the flag is flying on an in-ground flagpole, we recommend a single side reverse. When flying on a flagpole you will not notice it reads backwards, our brains can read the text in reverse. And if you have that much text on your flag, you might want to redesign your flag anyway. Plus, a heavy, double sided flag needs a good amount of wind to lift the flag up to fly horizontally so you can see or read it. However, if the flag is used in a parade or other event that can be seen up close on both sides, a double sided flag would be a good option. 

Want to learn more about Double Sided flags, read more on What is a Double Sided Flag?

We want you to get the product that will work best for your situation. If you have any questions about single side reverse, or want more information, reach out!

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