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July 21st, 2021

How to Assemble A Flagpole

Flagpoles are a great resource if you want to attract attention, but there is some assembly required when installing a flagpole. Here is a step by step guide of how to assemble a flagpole. Make sure to assemble completely before placing the pole in the ground.

how to assemble a flagpole

Step 1: Check Inventory Of Your Flag Parts

External halyard flagpoles are the simplest and most common flagpoles to assemble. When assembling this flagpole, there are several parts you will want to be sure to have when putting your flagpole together correctly! 

  • Flagpole (comes in one to three sections depending on size.) 
  • Truck ( a pulley attached to the top of the pole. Allow the rope to pull through.) 
  • Ball ( decorative ornament attached to the truck and placed on top of the pole.) 
  • Cleat ( placed about 4 to 5ft from the ground. Used to tie off rope.)
  • Rope ( fed through the truck, various lengths depending on pole size.) 
  • Snap-hook ( attached to the rope, connects the flag to the rope.) 
  • Snap-hook cover ( minimizes the noise of snap-hooks on poles.)
  • Flag ( most important piece to an assembled flagpole.) 

Step 2: Connect Flagpole Sections Together 

For flagpoles 25’ or smaller, the pole will come in one single piece. This size is easily handled by two people and can be walked up by hand for installation. Any size greater than 25’ we recommend calling in the experts at Custom Flag Company to help you! 

If you are purchasing a larger flagpole, your pole is going to come in multiple sections which requires careful alignment and a great deal of blunt force to connect the pieces snug like a glove. Keep in mind that the larger the flagpole becomes, the heavier it will feel as well. That is why we recommend utilizing our service team for most commercial jobs. 

Step 3: Attach the Truck

Think of the truck as a pulley which allows the rope to pass through the top of the pole. It is the mechanism which allows you to raise and lower your flag once it is hung. For flagpoles 25’ or taller, rotating trucks are a standard feature. Meaning that the truck spins freely 360 degrees. This helps to keep the flags from tangling in highwinds. 

To install your truck, you will need a pair of wrenches. The truck screws on to the top of the flagpole. Tighten the truck on the pole to ensure that it will not loosen or fall off from the pole. 

Step 4: Attach the Ball

Depending on the size of your pole, your ball will range from 2” to 12”. The most common colors are a gold and satin finish. This is a decorative ornament that is twisted into the top of the truck. Tighten the ball with a wrench to ensure it doesn’t become loose and fall off. 

Step 5: Attach the Cleat

The cleat allows you to wrap the hanging rope to the flagpole. This is easily installed with a screwdriver. Simply twist in the two screws which are provided with the cleat into the two pre-drilled holes near the base of the flagpole. 

Step 6: Attach the Rope 

Our polypropylene based rope is our preferred material to work with. Feed your rope through the truck and attach each end together. The ends of the rope should meet between the cleat and the base of the pole when it is placed in the ground. You want to leave enough room to wrap the rope around the cleat and secure your flags to the pole. Every kit Custom Flag Company provides to you will come with the correct length of rope when you purchase a flagpole through us. 

Connect the ends of the rope together with hog clamps. Tape both ends of the rope, then press the hog clamps together to ensure they don’t fall off. If done correctly, your rope will be very secure and should not pull apart at any point. 

Step 7: Place Flagpole Into Foundation 

Depending on the size of your pole, you can raise the pole by hand or you might require the assistance from our Custom Flag Company service team. Raising your pole and setting it into the foundation makes the final steps easier! 

Step 8: Attach Snap-hooks and Covers

First, push the rope in a U shape through the back end of the cover, so the rope ends up on the inside of the rubber sleeve. Next, attach snap-hooks to the rope by looping the rope in a U shape through the connecting end of the hook. Measure out the distance between the hooks by placing your flag next to the rope. Depending on the size of your flag, you will have between 2 to 5 snap-hooks on your rope. For multiple flags, you will need to adjust the space between each flag accordingly. For best results, we recommend utilizing our services team here at Custom Flag Company

Step 9: Attach and Raise Your Flag

Once you have gone through the mentioned steps, your flag is ready to be raised. You want to have your flag raised to the top of the pole. This is known as a full staff. You never want to lower your flag unless given direct orders from the US or State government for half staff. For a full understanding of flag etiquette click here to learn more

Reach out to us at www.customflagcompany.com or give us a call today at 303-431-1117 for more information on flags and flagpoles!


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