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July 14th, 2021

How To Install Your Own Flagpole

Flagpoles are a must have for anyone who wants to create visibility on their commercial or residential property. We would love to help, but if you are looking to do it yourself, here is how to install your own flagpole.  

Step 1: Dig Your Hole

Depending on how tall your flagpole is, it affects the depth of your hole. See the graphic below for our recommended hole depths. 

How to install your own flagpole

Step 2: Set Your Sleeve Foundation 

Once your hole is dug, it’s time to place your sleeve in the ground. For a less permanent solution, you can use a PVC sleeve. For a more permanent solution, we have metal sleeves available for purchase at our Custom Flag Company shop. The sleeve should be slightly wider than the circumference of the pole you are installing. Place your sleeve in the ground and make sure it is level to the appropriate grade. Begin mixing in your concrete, and level the sleeve as you fill your hole. Once the hole is filled, cover your sleeve and leave your concrete to dry. 

Step 3: Assemble Your Flagpole

When you receive your flagpole, it is going to require some assembly. Depending on the size of your pole, it may come in 1, 2, or 3 sections. Assuming your residential flag pole is 25’ and 1 section, you then need to attach your parts, including the truck, ball, and rope to the pole.

Step 4: Install Your Flagpole 

Flagpoles that are 25’ or shorter are relatively easy to install by hand. It is best to work in a team of two. Utilize each other to walk the pole up and place it into the sleeve. Once in the sleeve, center and level the pole. Once you are comfortable with the angle of your pole, use play sand to fill in the sleeve. Sand is the best option to maintain the life of your flagpole. Sand allows a flagpole to lean in high winds, which can be adjusted by taking out the sand and replacing it. If you place your flagpole in concrete within the sleeve, you will run the risk of a flagpole bending/breaking in high winds. 

For any flagpoles larger than 25’ we recommend you call in the experts here at Custom Flag Company to get the job done safely! Visit our website at www.customflagcompany.com or give us a call at 303-431-1117!


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