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September 1st, 2021

Field Runner Flag

As the summer is coming to an end, it means fall sports are ramping up. With the popularity of football, comes a need for flags and banners. Spirit, battle, or runner flags are a great way to build spirit with the fans. These flags are used during pre-game, after touchdowns or other big plays, as well as at pep rallies. There are multiple ways to design a field runner flag, and we are here to help. 

Youth Football Field Runner Flag

A simple 3’x5’ custom team flag is perfect for youth teams. They are big enough for the crowd to see from the sideline, but small enough for the little ones to be able to run down the field with. How fun would it be for your youth football team to run out on the field before the game with a flag flying behind them?

High School Field Runner Flag

As the stadium grows, so should the team flag. Typically in high school, these flags, also known as custom spirit flags, will be held by the cheerleaders. They run before the game, between each quarter, and after the game when your team wins. There can be one flag with the school logo on it. And there can be other flags, spelling out the abbreviation of your school. One letter on each flag will allow the message to be clear. These flags can range anywhere from 4’x6’ to 5’x8’.

Field Runner Flag

College Field Runner Flag

College stadiums can hold thousands of people, so making sure your spirit flag can be seen from the furthest spot is important. For a college field runner flag, we would recommend a 5’x8’ or 6’x10’ flag. Typically these will be held by the field runners. They are strong, and have no problem running with these larger flags. 

Poles for Field Runner Flag

When running with a flag, a large flagpole is required. With the length, comes a lot of weight. That is why we suggest an adjustable fiberglass flagpole. These flagpoles are very strong, and at the same time light weight. They adjust to the exact height required for the spirit team or flag runner. 

Do you need help creating your custom field runner flag? Our custom flag team is here to help you. Fill out a quote request, or call to discuss your design, 303-431-1117.

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