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June 24th, 2021

Flagpole Climber

Imagine this. You stand at the base of your flag pole, as it towers 50 feet above your head. Its magnificence attracts the attention of everyone who passes by, their eyes locked in awe of your US flag flying high. It is a sight which fills many people with a sense of pride, and is easily visible from long distances. This pole is an essential function to your business. You notice the flag is slightly faded, and want to exchange it for a fresh US. As you begin to lower the flag, you are faced with the reality that the rope is stuck on the flag pole! You pull on the rope a little bit harder, but nothing seems to budge. You grab your ladder from the back of the shop but it only reaches half way up the pole.

What is your best option? A flagpole climber will get the job done. 

What is a Flagpole Climber?

A steeplejack, or flagpole climber is needed if the flagpole is extremely tall, on top of a building, or difficult to access with a bucket truck. Is your flagpole pulley missing? Is your flagpole missing rope or a ball? Does your flagpole need to be painted? When the flagpole is difficult to access, a flagpole climber is perfect for the job. It might surprise you as well, that very often climbing the flagpole is the most economic option! 

Custom Flag Company’s service department consists of four full time and two part time staff members. The team installs flagpoles, repairs flagpoles, services flagpoles, restrings flagpoles, paints flagpoles, and much more. Most often the flagpole can be repaired from the ground. However, there are times when the top of the flagpole does need to be accessed. 

Flagpole Climber

Why do I Need a Flagpole Climber?

If the rope is stuck, the pulley may be missing or need to be replaced, access to the top of the flagpole is necessary. And if the rope is completely missing off the pole, the rope needs to be threaded into the pulley, which is at the top of the flagpole. If the ball or eagle from the top of the flagpole is missing, we need to get to the top of the pole to replace it.  We repair and maintain flagpoles of all sizes, from ground level to the top of the pole, we do it all. Reach out to us at www.customflagcompany.com or give us a call today at 303-431-1117!

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