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June 16th, 2021

Custom Flag Turn-around Time

We are all seeing delays in production, from lumber, to cars, and even flags. During “normal” pre-pandemic times, custom flag turn-around time was about 5-7 business days, with a rush option available. How those were the good ole days. Of course that all changed, production times the last few months were upwards of five weeks, and not everyone wanted to wait that long. We are now settling into a 2-week production cycle, hoping to offer rushes and shorter production times very soon. Please note, large orders (100 flags or more) do take longer than normal production times, so plan accordingly.

A little insight to the longer production times. Factory shutdowns put production of all flags, including basic stock items behind. Last summer there was a surge of demand for all types of flags. A year later, labor shortage continues to plague flag factories. This has forced factories to stop production on certain products, and only focus on their core product, American flags. With that said, the few that are still printing flags are backlogged.

Custom Flag Turn-around time

Want to get your custom flag as quickly as possible? Here are a few tips to help with a faster production cycle:

Art for Custom Flags

When possible, provide high-quality art. This is typically seen in a vector format, made in Adobe Illustrator. If you are unsure what type of art file you have, we have very skilled graphic artists on staff that can help you. Also, make sure all your art questions are answered prior to approving the final production proof.

Providing Contact Information

Shipping information is typically what we are waiting on the most, we must have that information to get the order started. And cannot complete an order without it. If you have a different billing address than shipping address, be sure to include that as well. Always provide us a phone number in case there are any questions, this helps to avoid any delays.

Effective Communication

Quick and clear communication is essential for a faster production cycle. Email is a great tool to see our past conversations, but sometimes a phone call can cut to the chase, and get things moving quickly. Letting us know of any deadlines or event dates is very helpful when we send the order to production. When approving art, please use statements like “Approved, please proceed with production”. Vague statements like, “Looks Good” does not translate to “Approved”. Remember, once the final production proof is approved, it is impossible to make a change to art.

With our current custom flag turn-around time, we want to make sure you get your flag on time. We would love to help you make your idea a reality! Contact us today.

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