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November 23rd, 2020

Three-Piece Aluminum Flagpole

Everyone is a snob of something. My daughter with coffee, my husband with t-shirts, my son with hats, and me with hotels & flagpoles. It probably comes with owning a flag and flagpole company for over 20 years.  The past several years, with freight costs skyrocketing, my flagpole suppliers have been pushing sectional flagpoles to save on freight. I have snubbed them over and over, until we had someone interested in the three-piece aluminum flagpole.

This summer, our mechanic came to us for a flagpole for his cabin in the mountains. He wanted it to fly flags, but to also to mount a devise for his Wi-Fi. We talked through many options and finally landed on a three-piece, residential grade 20’ flagpole. He would transport and install it himself. I figured, he was not going to write a bad review if it was terrible, what could it hurt. The pole came in, and I was beginning to see the benefit in offering this flagpole. I received it via FedEx, no special truck. The shipping was affordable (for a 20’ flagpole) and it came complete with all the parts, accessories, and installation instructions.

three-piece aluminum flagpole

Difference Between Other Sectional Flagpoles

Other sectional flagpoles like the Homesteader, Colonial, White Titan, Patio Flagpole Kits, or Patriot Sets are very thin aluminum flagpoles.

The sections are typically swedged to slip together easily. The wall thickness is estimated to be 1/16 of an inch, or .062. The base diameter on average is 2″ but only goes as wide as 2.5″. This pole is not tapered, meaning the top diameter is the same as the base. The wind rating on these poles are around 40-50 MPH, some do not have a rating.

Another popular option are Telescoping flagpoles. These begin at 5-6′ tall and extend to 15-25′ in height. There is no rope on telescoping flagpoles and the pole must be dropped to change or take down the flag.

These options work well for tailgating, temporary poles, camping, or homes that well protected from wind.

The Snob Has Converted

After learning more about this pole and seeing it installed, I must say, I’m impressed. This three-piece aluminum flagpole has all the same specs as the one-piece aluminum flagpole. It comes in Satin, Clear, Bronze, or Black anodized finishes. With a 3″ base diameter tapering to 2″ at the top and a .125 wall thickness. The pole comes with a stationary truck, 3″ gold ball, cast cleat, solid braided polypropylene rope, metal swivel snap hooks, snap hook covers, and a PVC ground sleeve.

Old dogs can change, and I feel confident offering the three-piece aluminum flagpole when a single shaft does not make sense. 

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