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April 16th, 2020

Our Favorite Products: Indoor Flag Set

What is an indoor flag set?

Have you ever watched the President, Governor or other dignitary speak? I’m sure you have recently. Behind them is a flag set, which is what we refer to as an indoor flag set. They can also may call it a presentation flag set, presidential flag set, or a parade set. These flag kits are used during important news conferences, on an auditorium stage, or in a boardroom or office. The indoor flag kit includes a floor base, a flagpole, a topper, usually an eagle, a flag, a cord & tassel, and a flag.

Our Favorite Products: Indoor Flag set

Floor Base

There are a several types of floor bases. We recommend weighted floor bases. This means the base has a weighted inner core and weigh almost 14 pounds. The advantage of this base is the ease of use. It is ready to display right away. It is sturdy and looks great with a brilliant anodized finish. We also offer cast floor stand. The weigh 13-15 pounds, depending on the size and are practical for general use. Another popular option is the plastic, hollow floor stands. These floor stands are affordable and easy to ship; however, they do require adding sand to provide the weight to hold a flagpole. There are many other floor base options including portable, three hole, and heavy-duty floor bases. All floor stands are available in gold or silver.


Our favorite indoor flagpole is the adjustable aluminum flagpole. The reason we love this flag pole is how versatile it is. It adjusts from 6’ to 10’ with a simple twist of the pole. This pole is available in gold only. We also offer 2/piece aluminum flagpoles. These poles come in two pieces and are available in 6’, 7’, 8’, 9’, 10’, and 11’ heights. These poles come in gold or silver. Another option is oak flagpoles, they are sized 7’, 8’, and 9’ foot tall. We do not stock this flagpole as the tends to warp when stored in our dry climate.


We offer a wide range of flagpole ornaments or toppers. Our two most popular ornaments are the perched eagle and the round spear. The eagle is appropriate to use with the United States flag and the round spear can be used for any other type of flag. We also offer flying eagles, parade balls, army spears, a variety of crosses, fleur de lis, Texas star, elk head, maple leaf, bear, cardinal, and more.

Cord & Tassels

Our indoor flag sets include a cord and tassel. The cord and tassel adds a decoration and ceremonial element to the flag set. The common color for the cord and tassels is gold. This color is appropriate for the American flag, Colorado flag, military flags, and most state flags. A white cord and tassels is appropriate for the State of Virginia flag. When displaying the POW-MIA flag, we recommend a silver cord and tassels, but white is appropriate too.

Indoor Flag

United States Flag, state Flags, military flags, religious flags, and custom flags are popular flags to display indoors. To complete the set, the flag is finished with a pole sleeve, tab to attach the flag to the pole, and fringe. The typical size of a flag to display on an indoor flag set is 3’x5’, but this could be sized up or down, depending on your personal need.

Flag Spreader

The final touch to an indoor flag set is a flag spreader. If the set will be displayed at a permanent location (as opposed to being moved around), a flag spreader makes perfect sense. It attaches to the back side of the flag and spreads the flag for a beautiful display.

Get your indoor flag set today!

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