Our Story

Everything happens for a reason. Looking back I realize that God opened many doors and provided the opportunity for me and my father to purchase Custom Flag Company. Our journey began in 1998 in the living room of my home. We quickly moved to our renovated underground headquarters (my basement). We soon outgrew that space and purchased the building we currently occupy in South Westminster, a suburb north of Denver, Colorado.

Our passion is promoting SPIRIT, old fashioned, patriotic spirit. Helping clients project their image with custom printed products and increasing visibility with flag or banner movement. That is what we do. We install flagpoles, banner poles, banners, flags. We maintain flagpoles, repair flagpoles, move flagpoles. We provide service (monthly/every other month/quarterly) to take down your flag, hang a reserve flag—clean and mend the one that was flying—and store it for the next service. That is one way to keep your flags ALWAYS looking great!

We design and print custom flags, banners, and other promotional products. We have several local and national home builder accounts, national corporate accounts, local and national municipalities, as well as create and design a single flag for a special occasion.

Our staff is amazing…take a moment to get to know them!

2017 Team.jpg

Chris Payne, Operations Manager
Chris began his journey with Custom Flag Company, 13 years ago during his senior year of high school. He worked here part-time a few summers during college and found himself back a few years after college graduation managing our service department. He is very active not only with sports (skiing, biking, running), but with his family and church. He enjoys travel, food, history and music.

Sawyer Oglesby, Service
Sawyer is the newest addition to the elite service team here at CFC. He is a proud parent of two chickens and a meticulous farmer of a 10’x10’ plot of land in his backyard. His favorite beer is La Folie, a sour brown ale beer, and he brews his own kombucha. Sawyer’s favorite activity is riding his motorcycle in Zach and Matt’s “scooter gang.” His diet consists of oatmeal and oatmeal. When he is not working at CFC, he spends most of his free time shinning flagpoles all over the world. After a hard day’s work, he goes to bed and dreams of digging holes as fast and as excellent as Matt (we haven’t told him that his dreams are way too lofty). Although, Sawyer holds the CFC record for digging the deepest hole with his eyes closed.

Zach Payne, Service
Zach has been working for Custom Flag Company on and off for several years. Between school and studying, world travels, sporting adventure, and his part-time medical assessment job, Zach comes back to his roots for some professional flag and flagpole action. Zach has become a master at his trade and is frequently a source of knowledge to any that have questions. When Zach isn't saving lives or installing flagpoles he's likely to be anywhere in the wilderness running. The most likely places you will find him will be on top of a mountain figuring out how fast he ran up it or beside a river in the forest and in a hammock reading words of wisdom. Zach has many qualities but his best are his integrity and his love for others. He also has some quirks, though. One of which is making difficult things, like lifting bags of sand or concrete, even harder just for a challenge. In fact, he is the only one of us that can dig a five foot deep hole one-handed. Although, he is the only one who has tried..

Matt Payne, Service
As of April 3, 2018, Matt (or Matty Ice) began at Custom Flag Company 315 days ago, he keeps track because there’s an app for that. At 20 years of age he is our most true millennial, which also means it’s safe to assume he may move on from CFC for “better career opportunities” anytime now. He recently bought a Yamaha C3 scooter full of power at 49cc’s as his BMW wasn’t meeting his expectations. His older brothers, Chris and Zach, enjoy Matt’s company and comedy on trail runs. However, even though Matt is younger, faster, and stronger than his brothers, he often declines their offers as he has chronic FOMO (fear of missing out) on something better. From holes, to poles, to flag change outs and organizing the flag room every morning at 5a, Matt is hard working, thorough and consistently excellent in all his work at Custom Flag. Matt is also the reigning champion for the last 10 consecutive months in the 80 Pound Concrete Sack Stacking Competition. Though you will often find Matt wearing clothes from other universities, he plans to continue to his college endeavors at Colorado State University.

Wayne DePew, Service 
Wayne started with Custom Flag after his retirement from Federal Law Enforcement spanning over 30 years (USAF and DOJ). Wayne hails from Georgia and moved here in 1991. He is a competitive Ultra Marathoner and has run races from 5K to 100 miles. He is also half way in completing his goal of running a marathon in all 50 states.  What this job means to me: “The flag will always hold a place of respect in my heart. It is truly a special honor to go to the sites where we maintain the US, Colorado, POW-MIA and all Military Service Flags".


Kim Griebling, Owner
Kim is the President and has owned and operated Custom Flag Company since 1998. She wears many hats that include sales, marketing, human resources, business development, IT, janitorial service just to name a few. She is a Colorado native and is an active Board member as the Immediate Past-President of NIFDA, the only professional association for flag and flagpole businesses. Lazy days at the lake is one of her favorite "activities". She enjoys travel, family, working out, movies and reading

Sam Mescher, Custom Dept, Graphic Artist
Sam comes to us from Dyersville, Iowa (where the Field of Dreams was filmed), and studied Art & Digital Design at Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa.  Sam enjoys everything outdoors from biking, skiing, and hiking.

Donna McCullough, Custom Dept, Graphic Artist
Donna is a recent transplant from Overland Park, KS (Kansas City). Donna enjoys live music, jewelry making and ceramic arts. She is enjoying the recreational activities the Denver area offers.

Andrea Griebling, Office Manager
Andrea is a Colorado native and has recently finished her college education. She came to Custom Flag after watching it prosper throughout her life. She enjoys being active and outdoors, but never minds relaxing and watching movies on those snowy days. She has never ran a half marathon, but is planning on running one in the near future. 

Scott Donze, Bookkeeper
Scott has lived in Colorado all of his life.  He has over twenty years’ experience in oil and gas accounting and has worked for Custom Flag Company for the past couple of years.  Scott would tell you accounting is a boring and thankless job, but working for Custom Flag Company is enjoyable and fulfilling because of the people where growth, teamwork, fitness, fun and friendship are promoted.  Scott has known Kim for over 30 years (he is married to Kim’s sister).  Scott, his wife and two boys (both Boy Scouts) enjoy the Broncos, traveling, hiking, biking, camping, and working out.    

Jennifer Allen & Diane Goldman, Seamstress
When she is not behind a sewing machine she is chauffeuring  her children to and from the ice rink. She loves being creative with knitting, making jewelry and sewing. Her guilty pleasures include sushi and getting a pedicure.

Diane assists Jennifer with mending flags but also helps create custom appliqued flags. She is an artist and loves tinkering with projects.


CFC Team 2Q 2018 1.jpg
CFC Team 2Q 2018.jpg