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June 5th, 2020

Space Force Flag

Space Force Flag

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United States Space Force

Celebrate the addition of a new military branch.

Made in the USA
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Space Force Nylon
Beautiful flag that flutters nicely in wind
Outdoor Use
Manufactured to precise specifications
Fully Printed, authentic seals and in correct proportion to flag size
100% heavyweight, 200-denier SolarMax® nylon
Treated to resist sun and chemical deterioration
Finished with Canvas Header and Brass Grommets

Space Force Nylon Flag with Pole Sleeve and Silver Fringe
For Indoor Set and Parade Presentation
White Nylon Sleeve to match Flag
Finished with Leather Tab for display
2” Silver Fringe
Other Fringe Colors Available with additional cost


2ftx3ft, 3ftx5ft, 4ftx6ft, 5ftx8ft


Header & Grommets, Silver Fringe & Pole Sleeve

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