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Ohio State Flag

Ohio State Flag


The state of Ohio Flag is digitally printed on 200 denier SolarMax® nylon. The fabric is made for outdoor use with four rows of stitching on the fly end. The material of the flag starts as white, the blue canton and red stripes are printed using DuPont ink. The flag is treated to resist sun and chemical deterioration. The state of Ohio flag is printed single side reverse, which means it reads correctly on the front and reads in reverse on the back. However, the Ohio flag is the same in the front as it is in the back, so you would never notice. Our flags are have canvas header material and brass grommets on 12″x18″ through 6’x10′. 8’x12′ and larger are finished with D Rings and either canvas webbing or rope and thimble. 4’x6′ and smaller are available with pole hem and/or fringe.

MADE in the USA

History of Ohio State Flag:

  • Adopted May 9, 1902
  • The Ohio flag is the only US State flag to have a swallow-tail flag
    • A swallow-tail flag is a flag with a different shaped fly-end
    • The fly-end has a V-shape cut out in in so there are 2 points on the end of the flag
  • The flag was designed in 1901 by John Eisenmann for the Pan-American Exposition 
  • The flags design has three red and two white alternating horizontal stripes that represent the roads and waterways of the state
  • There is a triangular blue field with 17 stars
    • 13 stars are in a circle around a red disc with a white outline of an ”O” for Ohio
    • The 13 stars represent the original 13 colonies 
    • There are 4 additional stars on the peak of the flag
    • These 4 stars represent Ohio being the 4th state after the original 13 colonies 
    • The 17 stars represent Ohio as the 17th state to join the US
  • There was a flag proposed with the state seal before 1901 and it was denied
  • In 2005 there was a folding procedure for the Ohio flag signed into law, it requires 2 people, here is the description: 
  • “With the flag unfolded, fold the flag in half lengthwise so that the points of the flag are aligned. Fold the flag in half lengthwise a second time to form a long strip with the red disc facing the ground. Next, fold the pointed end back onto itself to form a rectangle. These steps entail three folds. Starting on the end formed by the fold of the pointed end back onto itself, fold two inches of the flag onto itself for a flag with a three-foot hoist and a five-foot fly, or another appropriate width of fold for a flag of a different size. Repeat the folds a total of fourteen times, alternating the folds in a fan-like manner. The result is a total of seventeen folds symbolizing that Ohio was the seventeenth state admitted to the Union. Finally, neatly and snugly wrap the remaining length of flag around the fan-folds to form a compact rectangle.”

12inx18in, 2ftx3ft, 3ftx5ft, 4ftx6ft, 5ftx8ft, 6ftx10ft, 8ftx12ft, 10ftx15ft, 12ftx18ft

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