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Florida State Flag

Florida State Flag


The state of Florida Flag is digitally printed on 200 denier SolarMax® nylon. The fabric is made for outdoor use with four rows of stitching on the fly end. The material of the flag starts as white, the Cross of Burgundy and state seal are printed using DuPont ink. The flag is treated to resist sun and chemical deterioration. The state of Florida flag is printed single side reverse, which means it reads correctly on the front and reads in reverse on the back, our minds can easily read in reverse, so I’m sure you have never noticed the state seal was backwards. Our flags are have canvas header material and brass grommets on 12″x18″ through 6’x10′. 8’x12′ and larger are finished with D Rings and either canvas webbing or rope and thimble. 4’x6′ and smaller are available with pole hem and/or fringe.

MADE in the USA

History of the Florida State Flag:

    • The flag of Florida had many different designs
    • January 13 – September 12 1861 was the Lone Star and Stripes flag when Florida withdrew from the Union and declared as a “sovereign and independent nation” 
      • This flag had 13 red and white stripes with blue field with one big star in the middle of the blue field 
    • On September 13, 1861 and official flag was authorized
      • This flag had the tri-band the confederate flag had then 
      • The flag had three equal stripes 2 red, 1 white
      • The blue field went all the way to the bottom of the flag with the new Florida seal in the blue field
    • From May 6, 1868 to November 5, 1900 the flag was changed to a white flag with the Florida seal in the middle
    • In November 1900, the flag today was changed to mostly what it is today with very minor changes
      • It has the Cross of Burgundy with the Florida seal in the middle

12inx18in, 2ftx3ft, 3ftx5ft, 4ftx6ft, 5ftx8ft, 6ftx10ft, 8ftx12ft, 10ftx15ft, 12ftx18ft

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