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April 15th, 2019

ALT 12 Flag


ALT 12 Flag


In 2003, the 12th MAN began the tradition of raising the first 12th MAN Flag. Over ten years later, the Alternate 12 (ALT 12) was born from the creative compassion of a fellow 12, inspired by the Seahawks new uniforms and new attitude: BIGGER. FASTER. STRONGER. LOUDER.

The ALT 12 pays tribute to the tradition and spirit of the 12, while embracing the symbolic ties to the Pacific Northwest culture, the deep blue of the Sound, the majestic white of Mount Olympus and Rainier, the tenacity of WolfGrey, the and the vividness of Action Green. The big bold 12 and the 12 tribal feathers on each border represent us—the loyal fans—that cheer for our Seahawks at record-setting decibels (137.6 to be exact).

Since its introduction last season, the ALT 12 has been displayed at CLink home games, by loyal RoadHawks at away games, raised over Hawks Nests in Vegas and DC, and in its proudest moment waiving in victory at Super Bowl XLVIII. Now is your chance to own your very own ALT 12 and become a part of the ALT 12 NATION! GO HAWKS!


Single Side Reverse: Back side is a mirror image. Nylon Fabric. Finished with Header & Brass Grommets

Double Sided: Back side reads correctly. Nylon Fabric. Finished with Header & Brass Grommets


2ftx3ft, 3ftx5ft


Single Side Reverse, Double Sided

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