Shapes and styles of flags

We offer many sizes and shapes of flags.


Flag :: This rectangle shape is the most recognizable flag shape and style we offer. The finish on this style flag is either canvas header with brass grommets or pole sleeve. This horizontal shaped flag is used in many situations. Corporate logo flags, company identification and branding flags, city flags, club flags, association flags, golf flags, school and university flags, family crest flags are a few of the many uses of the traditional flag shaped flag.

Pennants :: Pennant flags are elongated triangular in shape. This flag is typically finished either with canvas header & brass grommets, pole sleeve or grommets in each corner.

Burgee :: Burgee flags or swallowtails are similar to the pennant but elongate to form 2 points with an inverted “V” at the fly end. This flag is typically finished with canvas header & brass grommets.

Guidon :: Guidon flags are a popular choice for the military. This flag is shaped like the burgee but are almost square shaped. The finish on this style flag is either canvas header with brass grommets or pole sleeve.

Flag Banner ::  Flag Banner is essentially a rectangular flag hanging vertical rather than horizontal and are typically displayed at trade shows, sporting events, corporate functions, school gyms. They can be attached to a wall, affixed to a ceiling.  The finish on a flag banner can be fully sewn with grommets, pole sleeve along top of banner or another special type of finish.

Feather ::  A feather flag, like its name implies, resembles a large feather. They usually feature reverse printing on the back. They are made from polyester or nylon and include a flat, three foot pole pocket, which is closed at the top of the flag. Finishing can include a leather tab, grommets or a self-adhering strip that connects to the pole at the bottom end of the flag.

ViS ::ViS flags are tall, rectangular custom printed attention flags. This product provides visibility and reliability when installed on a 20’ flagpole.  These flags are typically finished with closed top pole sleeve but could be finished with header and grommets if flying on a roped flagpole.