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Boat Flag

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Boat flags are typically sized 12"x18" but they can be made smaller (10"x15") or larger (16"x24").

We offer a couple options to make Custom Boat Flags.

Option One: Double sided custom boat flags.The construction of a double sided boat flag is two identical prints sewn together back to back, resulting in a flag that reads correctly on both sides.

Option Two: Single side reverse printed boat flags. The front of the flag reads correctly and the ink fully penetrates the fabric making the back of the flag a mirror image. 12 flag minimum order for this type of flag.

Option Three: Single sided custom sublimation flags. The print is full color on the front of the flag and the back is blank (but most flags you can see the print as a mirror image. This is a great option when a single flag is needed and you need the custom flag fast. a

All options the flag are made with 200 denier material.  Flags finished with heading and grommets or pole sleeve. 

Questions? Feel free to call! 303-431-1117.

If you are searching for large order or wholesale custom flags, visit our wholesale custom flag page. 


Adobe Illustrator Template
10"x15"     12"x18"     16"x24"

Adobe PDF
10"x15"     12"x18"     16"x24"