What is Vector Art? - Day 26 of 30

Vector or Raster Art, which is better for a flag?

Raster graphics are composed of pixels of various colors which together form an image. Raster-based graphics (bitmap images) are made of pixels. Common raster formats are .gif, .png, .tiff & .bmp. These files are typically created or converted from one format to another with programs like Adobe Photoshop. These images are not scalable and appear pixelated when enlarged.

Vector graphics are composed of paths used to create lines and curves at connecting points. Vector-based graphics are more versatile than raster images; therefore, they are much more flexible and easy to use. The most obvious advantage of vector images over raster graphics is that vector images are scalable. There is no upper or lower limit for sizing vector images. Vector graphics formats that are most commonly created in Adobe Illustrator are .ai, .eps, & .pdf.

Can I change my raster art file into a vector?

  • Raster files cannot be changed by saving them as vector art file formats. Raster art will always be made of pixels, no matter how it is saved.

  • Sometimes possible to convert raster art to a vector using an option in Illustrator called “Image Trace”. The results depend on the resolution of the image and are not always satisfactory.

  • If your art is not a vector, the best option is to have a graphics professional at your full service flag company provide advice for getting the best quality printed image.

We are so lucky to have two talented graphic artists on staff at Custom Flag Company. If you are unsure if your art is vector, send it over and we can check it out!

Posted on February 10, 2019 .

Get to know our Staff:: Chris - Day 25 of 30

Favorite smell: Nuance chocolate shop in Ft Collins (Toby the owner is an expert chocolate maker)

Interesting tidbit: I finally took the Enneagram test this year

Favorite actor: Philip Seymour Hoffman

Nickname: “dad”

Favorite sport: Football to watch, soccer to play

Current favorite bands: U2, Gang of Youths, Radiohead, Elliott Smith, Andrew Peterson, Brilliance, and most anything my wife is listening to.

Favorite movies: Shawshank Redemption, To End All Wars, Fantastic Mr Fox and pretty much every movie my wife likes—Royal Tenenbaums included.

Favorite pastime: riding trains (freight and passenger)

Favorite vacation: “city and country”: San Francisco area: the City for food and culture. Marin County hills for forest, trails, and coast.

Favorite food: anything from wife’s kitchen- lasagna is top.

Hobby: board games, hikes and runs, ski, church/community life

Ideal evening: bikes and ice cream with the family

Recommended reading: Tim Keller, James K A Smith, CS Lewis, and others

On my phone: various podcasts, various music

What I like to do: see my sons laugh

Best thing: hugs, wrestling, traveling with my kids; seeing my kids’ jaws drops, my kids seeing their dad’s jaw drop

Posted on February 9, 2019 .

Best Size Flag to Fly for Specific Size Flagpole - Day 24 of 30

What size flag should I fly?

We receive this question on a regular basis, the best way to answer the question is usually with more questions.

How will the flag will be used?
Is the flag for indoor use or outdoor use?
Will the flag fly on a flagpole or mounted to a wall?
If on a flagpole, is it the type of flagpole that sits in a bracket to the side of their house?
Is it an in-ground flagpole?
How tall is the flagpole?

It is important that our customers fly the correct size flag. First, because flagpoles are engineered to withstand certain loads (flag sizes) but also, an over sized or undersized flag flying on a pole looks bad.  

If you are unsure of the size of flag you need, we are always here to assist you, please feel free to give us a call at 303-431-1117, or check out this handy flag sizing chart.

Posted on February 8, 2019 .