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Back to School Checklist for your outdoor flagpole

Has your outdoor flagpole been neglected all summer?

Flagpole with broken rope

Here is a handy checklist to use to evaluate if your outdoor flagpole is ready for the first day of school.

  • Rope: Look at the rope. Are there places where the rope is frayed? If so, it might be time to replace the rope. A simple restring at the base of the flagpole saves time and money down the road—replace it before it breaks!
  • Pole: Is it leaning?  We can straighten it.  Is it near trees and needs to be relocated?  We can move it!  If your pole is steel, we can replace it with a beautiful no-maintenance aluminum shaft!
  • Snap Hooks: Look at each snap hook. Is the metal wearing thin? Are there rivets in the metal, which is a sign of wear on the snap hook. If it swivels, does it turn freely or does it stick? Can you open the snap hook with out extensive pressure or effort? Any of these might indicate the need for snap hooks. Keep in mind, if a snap hook breaks, your flag will be hanging with only one hook and my result in your flag looking like it is flying upside down.
  • Snap Hook Covers: Snap hook covers are a vinyl cylinder piece that fits over your snap hook to keep the snap hooks from clanging on the aluminum flagpole. 
  • Truck: The truck (or pulley) is at the top of the flagpole where the rope threads through. When the rope is being moved up and down, is the pulley sticking? Does the rope get stuck?  This might indicate it is time to replace the truck.
  • Ball: Is the ball intact and straight?  Is it faded or is it missing?  We can replace your ball with a bright gold ball!
  • American & State Flag: Is your flag in good repair and vibrant in color?  If its tattered, faded, or dirty, we can help, sometimes same day service!
  • School Custom Flag: Does your school fly a custom flag? If not, we can help design and produce school flags to promote school spirit!

We can help you get your flagpole in tip-top shape for the school year, give is us a call!

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What Is in the Top of a Flagpole? The Gold Flagpole Topper.

Flagpole Ball

There are many myths or urban legends surrounding the contents of the gold flagpole ball on top of the flagpole that are installed at military bases. The myth surrounds these items:

  • Razor blade
  • Pistol
  • Ammunition
  • Matches
  • Penny

Pistol, Ammunition & Matches: These items were said to be kept at the top of the flagpole, so that the commander instead of surrendering his post to the enemy can instead take down the flag, burn it to prevent desecration, and commit suicide rather than be taken alive.

Razor blade, match, and pistol with one round: If the post is overrun a soldier is supposed to lower the flag, and remove the items form the flagpole ball. They would use the razor to slice off the stripes, use the match to burn the flag, then commit suicide with the pistol.

Pistol, bullet and penny: The pistol was said to be kept in the flagpole topper, so America will never be without arms; the bullet so that that the pistol will never be out of ammo and the penny is so America will never be broke.

We install many flagpoles and flagpole ball toppers, many at military bases. We have not run across any items inside of the top of the flagpole, except the bolt that attaches the ball to the rest of the pole...

What other urban legends have you heard surrounding the flagpole topper?

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