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Happy Birthday George

Today is officially George Washington’s birthday. He was born in 1732. He served his presidential term from April 30, 1789 through March 4, 1797. For many years President’s Day was just for George Washington’s birthday. President Nixon stated President’s Day should be an honor to all past presidents.

President Lincoln’s official birthday was February 12th and although it is assumed President’s Day is to honor both Lincoln and Washington’s birthday, it is written to be just for Washington.

In either case, Happy Birthday to you President Washington. May we honor you today and wonder just what you would think of how this country is today.

“The constitution is the guide which I never will abandon.” - George Washington

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Happy Valentine's Day

It’s Valentine’s day which leads to the spirit of love. We think of the love of each other, the love of someone special and the love of family. Let’s not forget the love of chocolate either! The love of our country takes Valentine’s day to the image of our freedom, to love who we choose, to love what we do and be love to those around us in need.

As we honor the day of love we mustn’t forget the loved ones fighting for our country. May we send them love as we love the visibility of how our banners yet wave to show the love of our country.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! May you honor the day of love!Heart

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February 12, 1809 gave birth to our 16th president Abraham Lincoln. Honest Abe as he was frequently referred to. Today may be his actual day of birth yet his day of honor will be on the 18th shared with George Washington for President’s Day.

February 12, 2013 is also known as Fat Tuesday. It is known as a day to indulge. Indulge in the movie Lincoln and go see what the critics are raving about. Indulge in popcorn at the theatre.

Indulge in the history of one of our fore fathers. Indulge in the facts of his life that still have an impact over 200 years later.

Indulge in life itself today!

Lincoln Plaque
Lincoln Plaque
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