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Vector Art, what is it?

What is a vector image?  How does it differ from a .jpeg, .gif, or raster file?

Raster images, like .jpgs, .gif and bitmaps are made up of a grid of pixels.  Pixels are squares of color arranged in a grid to create an image.  As these blocks of color are enlarged, the image becomes pixelated or blurry because the pixels are just getting bigger.   The typical resolution of a bitmap, or .jpeg may be 72 pixels or dots per inch (dpi).   For example, to create a 3'x5' flag,  the ideal dpi should be 120 or higher.

A vector graphic on the other hand,  is made up of shapes using curves, and paths such as circles and lines not a specific number of dots.  These paths have a defined start point and finish point.

These paths are used to create simple images to complex designs and specific text font outlines.  The shapes created by the lines, curves, and paths are precise mathematical representations of the graphic.  As the image is enlarged, the lines, curves and paths expand in proportion to each other.  Because of this, the edges of each object is maintained and creates a smooth crisp line.

Vector images are ideal for printing logos as small as business cards to a huge image for a  billboard. 

Custom Flag Company is here  to help you create your vector art image or answer any questions you may have.

Posted on September 4, 2014 .

Seattle Seahawks Alt 12 Football Flag

The interesting thing about flags is that they tell a visual story and can easily help support an effort. 

One project that we have worked on is the Alt 12 Flag. The visionary of the project is Brian Tichenor, who is a passionate Seattle Seahawk fan and he designed this fan flag. He came to us over a year ago with his design and we enjoyed working with him to create & produce several versions of the Alt 12 Flag. He has a large following of fans on his Facebook page “SUPPORT THE ALTERNATE 12 FLAG” that made this flag a huge success last season. Little did we know at that time that my beloved Denver Broncos would face the Hawks in a SLAUGHTER (Super Bowl XL). But that did not change our wonderful relationship with the Hawk fans.

With the opener of the NFL season upon us, we are embarking our second season of providing the Alt 12 Flags. We are stocked and ready to provide the greatest fans on earth with flags.  

Check out our visionary, the flag in the Super Bowl Parade and the new 2014 designs.

Posted on August 28, 2014 .

So Many Flags, So Many Options

Sometimes it can seem that there are so many marketing options out there that it is difficult to decide which ones are the most effective. While every marketing and brand building product has its uses, none is as likely to be effective in as wide a range of situations as a custom made flag.  You can count on us to show you how you can turn your chosen space or building into an opportunity to make a lasting impression through the use of custom flags while promoting your logo or message.

Here are several ideas to get ideas stirring on how to use Custom Flags.

Corporate Branding - Nothing adds visibility and prestige to your brand than to have a flag majestically waving in the wind while bearing your corporate logo.

Hersheys Flag

Special Events and Ceremonies - Your custom made flag can be specially designed in order to be uniquely suited for special occasions. Make your flag's graphics the symbol of the entire event.

Brauch748 Flag

Parades - No matter what else you are doing to promote yourself in a public parade, having a flag bearer leading the way is always an effective way to put your best foot forward.

Parade Flag

Sports and Recreation - Custom flags are effective for display of your SPIRIT from professional sports teams to any level recreational sport.

Real Estate - Nothing adds dignity or draws attention to a building like a flag or two hanging out front. It's a great way for a real estate business to highlight their properties for sale.

Flag in front of a model home

Automobile and Truck Flags for Parades and Delivery Vehicles - Vehicles of all kinds provide popular, eye catching opportunities to draw attention through flags. For example, try decorating the perimeter of your parade float with custom made flags.

Price FlagParade 9.JPG

• Hand Held Custom Flags for Parades and Events - Use your custom made flags to stir up audience participation by passing out hand-held flags. As an added bonus, people often bring the flags home where they are then seen by people who didn't even attend the event.

Homeland Security Flag

Posted on August 8, 2014 and filed under Custom Flags.