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Always Buy American Made USA Flags!

When discussing my business to someone unfamiliar with the flag industry, I am often asked, “what issues do you face in your business?”. I know this is a fishing question to determine if our businesses can somehow work together. Issues in the flag industry are similar to most small businesses, but a major issue right now is: the sale of counterfeit United States Flags online.

What on earth is a counterfeit US Flag? A counterfeit American Flag is a foreign made US Flag that is not labeled. Labeling laws require the Country of Origin and Material Content on the product until in the hands of the end-user.

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Why is this important? There are many online retailers that are using deceptive words to disguise the “country of origin” when adverting a United States flag product. They are not labeling the flag with the country of origin or material content, which is against the law.

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Did you know, $5,973,000 in US Flags were imported in 2017? That number is anticipated to increase in 2018.

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This deceptive behavior impacts so many individuals and businesses:
*The end-user believes they are showing their patriotism by flying a United States Flag that is made in the USA.
*The material and workmanship of a counterfeit flag could impact the reputation of manufacturers located in the USA.
*Retailers, like myself, cannot compete, price wise, with an online, illegal imported flag.
*US manufactures are in a very difficult position as their brand is being compromised. Plus, with almost $6 million dollars in imported flags coming into the US, sales are impacted, which results in a loss of American workers.

 Custom Flag Company is dedicated to selling only AMERICAN MADE US Flags. We belong to two organizations who sole purpose is to promote United States flags that are manufactured in the USA.

**National Independence Flag Dealers Association (NIFDA): ALL members must abide by a Code of Ethics where flag dealers will strictly adhere to a policy of selling US flags that are only Made in the USA.

**Flag Manufacturers Association of America (FMAA): As a Retailer, our company agrees to only distribute US flags that are Made in the USA and include FMAA’s “Certified Made in the USA” logo.

What can you do? Next time you order an American flag online, look for the county of origin on the listing, check the flag for labeling. Is there a label ON THE FLAG stating the country of origin and material? If not, it is counterfeit. Send it back and write a negative review.

Most importantly, when ordering a flag online or in person, confirm the flag seller is a FMAA Retailer or a NIFDA Member. You will have the peace of mind knowing your United States Flag is MADE in the USA.

Here is a great article discussing this very important issue.

This is what the article discusses:

Flag Sellers Are Likely Violating Rules To Trick Americans Into Buying Chinese-Made US Flags

  • Major sellers of American flags get their products from China, an audit found.

  • The flags, in some cases, are marketed as being made of U.S.-made nylon, but are actually made of polyester typically produced in China, two labs determined.

  • The flags don’t include label that show their country origin or material content, which is required by law.

  • The Flag Manufacturers Association of American ( says the flags are being sold illegally and has requested the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) launch an investigation.

THANK YOU FOR READING! Again, please buy American Made USA Flags!

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Custom Table Throws

Custom table throws have become a staple in most businesses, universities, college campuses and trade show events. Trade show table throws drive traffic to your trade show display or table top display. They provide visibility and provide communication.  Custom made table throws help you stand apart from the competition. Branding goals are met by bringing together signage, flyers, catalogs, and display banners with a custom table cover.

We offer a variety of custom table throw products:  

Premium Table Throws
Digitally printed on poly poplin material
Sized to fit either 6’ or 8’ tables
Cover all four sides of table
Includes PVC Carrying Case
Wrinkle resistant and machine washable
Made in the USA

Economy Table Throws
Digitally printed on durable nylon
Sized to fit either 6’ or 8’ tables
Cover all four sides of table
Great for indoor and outdoor use, this fabric will last many seasons
Made in the USA
We are thrilled to offer a single Economy Table Throw at a very special price: $176

Stretch Table Covers

Digitally printed on poly-stretch material
Sized to fit 6’ or 8’ or round tables
Cover all four sides of table 
Includes PVC Carrying Case
Provides sleek, modern look, sewn in foot pockets for secure fit
Made in the USA

Table Runners
Digitally printed on poly poplin material
30” wide, 36” wide, 48” wide
Will fit any table with the addition of a solid table throw
Made in the USA

Custom Flag Company offers many custom products to promote spirit, image, and visibility. From custom made flags, vinyl banners, retractable banners, wave and blade banners, and much, much more! We can make your exhibit look amazing in just one stop.

Need help with your design? Custom Flag Company two full-time graphic designer that make up our custom art department.

We are here to help you, call, email, or request a quote today!

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Baseball Season Is In The Air!!

As today is officially the first day of Spring it makes me excited for baseball season. Nothing better than enjoying the summer days or evenings enjoying the sun and rocky mountain air than cheering on our Colorado Rockies. In order to prepare you for opening day, we are launching a Rockies Flag Sale for $29.99 (plus $5 for shipping and handling). Place your order today in order to have it in time for the big game. 


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3 in 1 Sale: Black Friday, Small Business Saturday & Cyber Monday


Being a small family owned & operated business, we take full advantage of our flexibility and offer you a week-long celebration of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, AND Cyber Monday with just one simple coupon code: 3IN1SALE


3'x5' & 4'x6'
Digital Printed Flag
Finished with Header & Grommets

Give us a call at 303-431-1117, send an email, or submit your request online and we'll be happy to bring your vision to life!  

Please be sure to mention the 3-IN-1-SALE and be advised that our office will be closed Thursday through Sunday, returning Monday, November 30th, 2015 at which time we will process your request. Thank you!


A flag is innately special, as it is loaded with history, meaning, and symbolism.  A custom family crest flag for example, can instill the feelings of pride, togetherness, and a sense of where one came from.  A custom military flag can incorporate symbols of your one's unit and honor one's fellow comrades.  A custom flag can show one's allegiance to a sports team or band.

The list is endless when it comes to a custom flag and whether you have an idea we can draw up for you, or you've got your file ready to print, we here at Custom Flag Company make it super easy for you!








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