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Custom Flag Company Celebrates 20 Years!

Today marks our 20th year in business. I purchased Custom Flag Company with my dad 20 years ago. We acquired the company from a sweet couple, Don and Pat Starr who ran CFC for 15 years. Wow, how times have changed.

We began the journey in the living room of my house.  With a computer, a yellow page listing, and a brick that we called a mobile phone and started doing business. It was just me and my pops. I remember the first day, Pat Starr teaching me the world of flags. It was that day I found out a truck is not a one you drive, but a part on the top of a flagpole. I also found out the United States of America flag was only a small part of the flag industry, there are so many parts, fabrics, and pieces. I also remember our accounting system, Pat was training me to track expenses on a green ledger page. That weekend I purchased our first computer and accounting software.

Since US flags are flying at half staff today, I am reminded of our first flag lowering. The Columbine High School massacre occurred less than six months into our ownership on April 20, 1999. The tragedy hit hard as it was just 20 miles away for us and our first lowering, we are hired to lower flags and raise flags, when ordered by the President or Governor. Each and every lowering since that April day is emotional. As each flag is lowered, we are reminded of tragedy, life, death, family. Lowering flags to half-staff represents loss. Each life matters. Each flag matters.

As business grew, we hired a part-time service tech.  We are blessed to have amazing employees, now and then. Our employees become a member of the CFC family. My personal mission as a business owner is provide employees an environment for growth, professional and personal. Each employee leaves a mark here, a legacy we do not take for granted.

September 11, 2001, the next huge milestone. How does the Alan Jackson song go? Where were you when the world stopped turning that September day? As owners of a flag company, our world completely changed that September. Words cannot describe the days, weeks, and months following the terrorist attack. My life was blur for the next several months. Overnight we went from a staff of 2.5 to six employees. As businesses around us were suffering, our business was booming. Everyone wanted an American flag. Our nation was painted in red, white, and blue.

It goes without explanation that we outgrew my house pretty quickly after 9/11. The search began for a new home for Custom Flag Company. We found the perfect building, renovated it, and moved into our current headquarters in 2004. At the time, the place was huge, so much room! Now, we get creative with space for a functional work space.

2004: Installing flagpole @ CFC. Our sign had not been installed. Look at the size of the aspen trees behind the flagpole.

2004: Installing flagpole @ CFC. Our sign had not been installed. Look at the size of the aspen trees behind the flagpole.

2018: Custom Flag Company Office

2018: Custom Flag Company Office

Over the years we have encountered strong economic conditions, the great recession, and everything in between. The rock that’s been our foundation are our customers. Today I looked back at our very first invoice, a home builder, who is still our client today. The loyalty and professionalism of our client base does not go unnoticed. We appreciate you! THANK YOU!

Today, like your kids’ birthday you relive their birth story, I am reflecting on the last 20 years:
* My dad retired in 2014 and I was able to purchase his share of the company.
* I used to be the young one in the company, now I am the old one.
* DEX Yellow pages are gone, now our advertising budget consists of digital advertising. 
* We did not have a website in 1998, now our website is our major lead generator.
* Our email account was dial-up via AOL and rarely used. Our primary communication is email.
* We used to attend networking events, now we connect via social media platforms.

Change makes us strong. Change keeps us fresh. Change is good. Could you imagine if we resisted change and we still did our accounting on a green ledger page, invested in yellow page advertising, and resisted a website? We wouldn’t be where we are today.

With all the changes in 20 years, some things do remain constant:
* We value our customers and are committed to exceptional customer experience.
* Our American Flags are 100% Made in the USA.
* We strive to make a difference in our community.
* We believe in open, transparent communication, to our customers, employees, suppliers, and trade partners.

Thank you for helping us reach our 20-year mark. We look forward to an exciting future!


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Is A Service Plan Right For You?

Custom Flag Company is well known for our custom flags, but did you know we also have a full service technician team ready to make your life easier with our no hassle service offering? Our service guarantees your spirit, image, and visibility will always be 110%. 

What? What is our service agreement?

Our service agreement includes professional flagpole technicians who come to your location to ensure all your flagpole parts are working properly. While on site, we will change out the flags currently flying with replacement flags, either clean and repair your flying flags or, if necessary, properly dispose of them. We also ensure your rope is in great condition, without excessive wear, as well as your snap hooks or cables. 

Who? Who is this service open too?

This service is open to anyone. Whether you are a large corporation, a family run business, or a resident. We are happy to help you!

Where? Where do we service

We are located in Westminster, Colorado and proudly serve the Rocky Mountain Front Range

When? When do we service

When we service is completely up to you. We offering a bi-weekly, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual service schedule. We want to meet the needs of each and every client and understand that each location has different needs. 

Why? Why a service agreement
We offer this service to enable our customer to have a worry free experience while maintaining high visibility, spirit and a clean image. 

Are you ready to schedule your service today? If so please reach out to Chris, at 



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Flagpole Installation!

As we approach flag flying season, consider using our service experts to install your flagpole. There are several steps, and precautionary measures that must happen in order for the installation to be a success. 

Step 1:

For starters, we want our clients to always have the perfect size flagpole, whether it is at your home, at your work, or in a park. If you are unsure what size is right for you, we can schedule one of our technicians to come out to do a site visual. We will assist you  on where the flagpole should be located. We will consider the surroundings to provide the best visibility. 

Step 2: 

In order to dig safe, calling an underground locate is required. A locate marks the area for gas lines, electrical lines, plumbing, and telecommunications. This step should not be ignored, the consequence of hitting a gas or electrical line are massive.

Step 3: 

Once locate is finished, we dig a  hole, and will place a PVC or steel ground sleeve in the hole. Next, we add cement around the ground sleeve.

Step 4: 

After the cement is cured, 3 to 7 days later,  the pole will be placed in the ground sleeve. Depending on the height of the flagpole we would utilize a crane or our service technicians can walk up a short flagpole. Dry packed sand is poured in the area between the flagpole and the ground sleeve. The sand insures that the flagpole is level and provides a little give for high winds.  

Step 5:

Proudly hoist an American made US flag, State flag, or a personalized custom made flag. 

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Todd Install3.jpg
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What Size Flag is Best?

The size of flag that best suits your needs depends on how you are going to use the flag. If you plan to have your flag attached to a bracket of the size of your home, we would recommend a 3'x5' flag. Usually this would be attached to our 6' Anti-Furl flagpole so that you never have to worry about the flag wrapping around the pole. If you have an in ground flagpole the typical size for would be either 3' x 5' or 4' x 6' depending on your personal preference. For those of you who have a small commercial flagpole ranging from 30'-45' the recommended flag size would be no larger than a 8' x 12'. The key to determining your size of flag depends on the height of the pole as well as the wall thickness; the thinner the wall thickness the smaller choice of flag should be used in order from preventing the pole to be top heavy. If you are every unsure of the size of flag that would look best on your pole do not hesitate to call us.  

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