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What Are Pantone Colors? Day 15 of 30

What is Pantone?

Pantone is a standardized color matching system, or PMS. There is a numbering system for Pantone colors ensuring manufacturers will produce exactly what their customer is looking for. Pantone colors have specific codes allowing clear communication, guaranteeing the color will be correct.

The formula developed by Pantone is a spot color. This means that the color is created from a palette of 18 basic colors. Process colors are CMYK colors, the color is determined by cyan (greenish-blue), magenta, yellow and black. There are more Pantone colors because not all colors can be mixed in CMYK.

Pantone colors are used with digital printing. We print using Pantone coated colors, which results in consistent color matches.

Green, but which green? There’s no confusion with Pantone colors. Most importantly, it’s still the expertise of the digital printer that can assure you the colors that you expect.

It is important to choose a reliable flag company when top-quality printed flags is a priority. The team at Custom Flag Company is committed to providing the best custom flags in the industry.

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What is a Single-Sided Custom Flag?

In the flag world, this is a question we get asked everyday. "What is a single-sided flag?", "What is a double-sided flag?" 

Single Sided Flag: Ink prints on front side only. Back is Blank

Single Side Reverse Flag: Ink penetrates the fabric, the back of the flag is a mirror image. This is how we make most of our custom flags!

Double Sided Flag: Two prints of the flag sewn back-to-back with block out liner. 

The process we use to make a custom printed flag involves a giant sized printer. The image is printed directly onto white fabric. The ink saturates the fabric resulting in a single side reverse flag. This means the front of the flag reads correctly and the back is a mirror image of the front side of the flag. This is a single piece of fabric and flies nicely.

To make a double sided flag, we print the image twice, sew the flags together (back to back) with a block out liner. This results in a flag that reads correctly on both sides. This flag is three pieces of fabric,  looks amazing but is heavy and takes a lot of wind to pick up to fly.

The human brain can easily read in reverse. Look around, most flags are single side reverse. The American flag is constructed with one piece of fabric, making it single side reverse. 48 state flags are single side reverse. Washington and Oregon have double sided flags.  Sport flags are single side reverse. Military flags are single side reverse. 

Allow us to help you with the process of making your flag. 

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Custom Table Throws

Custom table throws have become a staple in most businesses, universities, college campuses and trade show events. Trade show table throws drive traffic to your trade show display or table top display. They provide visibility and provide communication.  Custom made table throws help you stand apart from the competition. Branding goals are met by bringing together signage, flyers, catalogs, and display banners with a custom table cover.

We offer a variety of custom table throw products:  

Premium Table Throws
Digitally printed on poly poplin material
Sized to fit either 6’ or 8’ tables
Cover all four sides of table
Includes PVC Carrying Case
Wrinkle resistant and machine washable
Made in the USA

Economy Table Throws
Digitally printed on durable nylon
Sized to fit either 6’ or 8’ tables
Cover all four sides of table
Great for indoor and outdoor use, this fabric will last many seasons
Made in the USA
We are thrilled to offer a single Economy Table Throw at a very special price: $176

Stretch Table Covers

Digitally printed on poly-stretch material
Sized to fit 6’ or 8’ or round tables
Cover all four sides of table 
Includes PVC Carrying Case
Provides sleek, modern look, sewn in foot pockets for secure fit
Made in the USA

Table Runners
Digitally printed on poly poplin material
30” wide, 36” wide, 48” wide
Will fit any table with the addition of a solid table throw
Made in the USA

Custom Flag Company offers many custom products to promote spirit, image, and visibility. From custom made flags, vinyl banners, retractable banners, wave and blade banners, and much, much more! We can make your exhibit look amazing in just one stop.

Need help with your design? Custom Flag Company two full-time graphic designer that make up our custom art department.

We are here to help you, call, email, or request a quote today!

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Sponsorship Golf Flags

Do you have an upcoming golf tournament?

Would you like to give your golf hole sponsors the visibility they deserve?

Custom Flag Company makes custom golf pin flags. Golf flags provide hole sponsors excellent exposure.  Every golfer will see the customized flag on each hole. As an added bonus, during the award presentation, the tournament director can present each sponsor with a beautiful personalized golf flag as a keepsake. How is that for sponsorship exposure?

Design ideas:
·         Design one template for your tournament and drop each of the corporate sponsors logo into the template. Each flag would include the branding for the golf tournament and at the same time, unique for each sponsor.
·         Produce a flag with the logo of each golf hole sponsor only.
·         Incorporate all sponsor logos in one flag design and reproduce the flag for each hole. Basically, each putting green will have the same flag.

Golf flags are finished with a PVC tube that easily attaches to the pin. Alternate finishes (header and grommet OR hemmed on all four sides to frame) are available to meet your unique needs.

Our 200 denier nylon golf flags are high quality. Your sponsors will be proud. The organization will be proud.  

Need a Quote? Give us a call or simply CLICK HERE to upload your file and request a quote. 

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