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July 10th, 2024

What Says Thank You like a Custom Flag

Have you ever had a trip planned where you are staying with a friend or family member? They won’t let you chip in to stay with them? How fun would it be to gift them a custom flag, because what says thank you like a custom flag? 

Gift for your Friend or Family Member

A flag, in general, is a great gift to give someone as a thank you. It could be an American flag, sport flag, state flag, or better yet, a custom flag

When designing a custom flag, a simple design makes the best flag. Flag design principles suggested by North American Vexillological Association (NAVA) include a simple design, meaningful symbols, use of two to three basic colors, and making the flag distinctive. Remember that everyone has different tastes, color preferences, and a sense of proportion and balance. Not all flags meet the good design guidelines, but that does not mean it is a bad flag, as long it means something to you and your friends and family. Here are some things to consider when creating a custom flag:

Location: Are they in the mountains, by the beach, or on the lake? Is there anything iconic in their town? Consider adding these symbols to the flag. 

Nicknames: Is this a cabin you frequent often? Is there a name you might call it? Is it a guys or girls trip you go on each year? What is your group chat name? Put it on a flag!

Last Name: Does the host have a fun or unique last name? Add their name to a custom flag!

Other things to consider: What year did they move in? Do they have any pets or kids? These are all symbols that can be added to the flag. 

What Says Thank You like a Custom Flag

Where do I Buy a Custom Flag Gift?

Custom Flag Company is the one stop shop. We can design the flag and make the flag for you. If you need a pole or bracket for the host, we can supply that as well. We know traveling with a pole can be difficult, so if you need us to, we can ship it directly to your friend or family member. 

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