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June 19th, 2024

How to Make a Custom Flag

Why does it seem so complicated to make a custom flag? Where do you even start? Depending on the custom flag you are looking for, depends on where to start. We are here to help you through the whole process. Let’s find out how to make a custom flag. 

How to make a custom flag

Good Artwork

What is considered good artwork? We prefer a vector art file, and understand most people don’t know what this means. What is a vector file? A vector file is a type of file that can be enlarged without losing the quality of the image. These are typically saved as .ai (Adobe Illustrator), .eps (Encapsulated PostScript) or .svg (Scalable Vector Graphic). If you have one of these files, send it over and we can get the order placed right away. 

Bad Artwork 

If you do not have a vector file, but have a jpeg or png, we sometimes can make those work. However, when sized to a 3’x5’ flag or larger, it can be pixelated. If it is unusable, we have a graphic team that can get a quote to convert your file into a vector file. This is a file you have forever. The complexity of the design determines the cost of the recreation. Cost to convert art usually ranges from $25-$100+. So, send over the file you have and we can direct you. 

No Artwork

If you have a simple design in mind, we can create the design for you for free. We do allow for up to three revisions on these designs. Anything more than that, we will have to start charging. If you have a complex design in mind, we would suggest having a designer create the logo or design for you. When a graphic designer creates art they will make it in Adobe Illustrator and then you can send it to us.

Choose a Size

Once the artwork is figured out, we need to know what size you would like to have flying. The most common size flag is a 3’x5’, other popular sizes are 4’x6’, 5’x8’, 6’x10’ and larger. 

Single Side Reverse or Double Sided? 

Deciding if you would like a single-side reverse flag or double-sided is the next step. A single side reverse flag is a single layer of fabric, printed correctly on the front and bleeds through reading in reverse on the back. Double-sided flags are two flags sewn back to back with a liner in the middle reading correctly on both sides. Read more on whether a single side reverse or double sided flag is right for you. 

Shipping Address

Once we have the flag details ironed out, we can get into the details of where the flag needs to go. Provide us with the best shipping address, and we will get a final proof and invoice sent over to you. 

Approve and Pay

Once you receive the final proof & invoice, you can use the link in the email to pay by credit card or give us a call to pay by credit card. 

Production takes about 2 weeks from time of approval and payment to delivery. Enjoy your new flag!

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