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May 22nd, 2024

Stock Pride Flags

Pride month is right around the corner. Do you want to show off your support by flying a pride flag from your house? Or do you need a flag for a parade? We have pride flags in stock. 

How Many Pride Flags Are Available? 

The most common pride flags we see are the traditional rainbow pride flag, the Daniel Quasar Progress Pride flag, and the Intersex Inclusive Progress Pride flag. What do they look like, and what do they mean? Let’s go through it.

Traditional Rainbow Pride Flag

This is the flag we saw for so many years. It has six horizontal stripes sewn together. Starting at the top going to the bottom the colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. These flags became popular after the assassination of Harvey Milk, San Francisco’s gay City Supervisor in 1978. 

Stock Pride Flag

Daniel Quasar Progress Pride Flag

Created in 2018 by Daniel Quasar, the Progress Pride flag was meant to involve everyone. He kept the six original colors from the traditional rainbow flag in their respective order. And added a triangle design on the left, hoist side of the flag to signify forward movement within the LGBTQ+ rights. The five colors in the triangle from left to right are, white, pink, turquoise, brown, and black. This is a combination of the Retro 8 flag and the Philadelphia Pride flag. 

Intersex Progress Pride Flag

The original Intersex flag was created in 2013. It was a yellow flag with a purple circle on it. The Intersex Progress Pride flag was created by Valentino Vecchietti. He took the Progress Pride flag, turned the white triangle into a stripe, filled the triangle with yellow, and added the purple circle. 

While there are many pride flags, these are the three we see most often. We can have these delivered to you in just a few days. If you would like to customize a pride flag, read about how to make a custom pride flag.

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