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May 8th, 2024

Display a Large Custom Flag

We are often asked what the biggest flag we can make is. The truth is, we can pretty much make any size you would like! If you need a huge flag for a professional football field or baseball field, we can make it! The price will all depend on the size of the flag and how you would like it finished. However, if you would like to display a large custom flag, we can get you pricing today. 

What are the Standard Sizes for a Large Custom Flag? 

While you can make whatever size you would like, we do have some standard sizes for flags. The smallest monster flag is a 12’x18’ flag. If this is the only flag flying, it is perfect for a 50’ flagpole or a 60’ flagpole. The largest standard size custom flag is a 30’x60’. This flag can fly on a 100’ flagpole or larger. The other sizes in between are 15’x25’, 20’x30’, 20’x38’, 25’x40’, and 30’x50’. These large flags make a huge impact and become a landmark in your community. 

How else can I display my Large Flag? 

If you do not have a flagpole to display your large flag, there are other ways to have it on display. If you have a large warehouse or stage, we can add the header and grommets to the top of the flag to hang from the rafters. It can then hang down and be on full display. 

A creative way to show team spirit at sporting event is getting a crowd flag. Finish all four sides with header to make it easier to hold. When it is time to display the flag, pass the flag around the crowd to have a huge display showing your school spirit.  

Display a large custom flag

How Much is a Large Custom Flag? 

It might be sticker shock when you hear the price for a monster flag. Just know the smallest monster flag, 12’x18’ is upwards of $1,000. So you can imagine the largest 30’x60’ is much more since it is more than double the size. 

If you are interested in a large custom flag, reach out to our team to get more information.

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