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May 1st, 2024

How to Fly Flags at Half-Staff

With scheduled half-staff days coming up, there might be questions on how to fly flags at half-staff. It might sound pretty self-explanatory, but different types of flagpoles fly at half-staff differently. 

How to fly a flag at half staff

Single In Ground Flagpole with only an American Flag

The most simple variation is if you have a single in-ground flagpole with only an American flag flying on it. Make sure the flag starts at the top of the pole and slowly lower the flag to about the halfway point. Ideally, keep it a little higher than halfway in case there is no wind blowing the flag. This way when the flag is hanging limp, it is about halfway down the pole. 

Single In-Ground Flagpole with Multiple Flags

This scenario is the same as the one above. Instead of bringing the flag down immediately, you will lower the flag and remove the other flag or flags you are flying. Make sure to hoist the flag all the up to the top of the flagpole, then slowly lower the flag down to half-staff. 

Multiple Flagpoles with Different Flags

If there is a group of flags flying like an American flag, State flag, and logo flag there are two options. The order of these steps is important since flag etiquette states that no flag should ever fly higher than the American flag.  Option one, lower the logo flag to half-staff first, then lower the state flag, lower the American flag last, but make sure the American flag is situated on the flagpole slightly higher than the state and logo flags. Option two, remove the logo flag first, and then the state flag, and lastly, lower the American flag to half-staff. 

Residential Flagpole attached to the house

If you have an adjustable bracket, you can bring the angle of the pole to 90 degrees with the wall. If your bracket does not adjust, you can get a mourning ribbon. The ribbon can be added to the top of the pole for the same meaning as flags at half-staff. 

Remember to fly your flags at half-staff on May 5, 2024 for National Firefighters Memorial Day. May 15, 2024 for Peace Officer Memorial Day. May 27, 2024 for Memorial Day, until noon. September 11, 2024 for Patriot Day. And December 7, 2024 for Pearl Harbor Day. There are likely other days the President or Mayor will order flags to half staff. Find out 2024 Flag Flying Calendar here

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