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April 24th, 2024

Is Your Flagpole Ready for Summer?

Is your flagpole ready for summer? Now that the March winds and April Showers have brought May flowers, now is the perfect time to look at your flagpole to make sure it is ready for summer. 

Here is a detailed checklist of flagpole parts to look at to get your external halyard flagpole in optimal condition.

Is your flagpole ready for summer

Flagpole Checklist

Ball: Is the ball on top of the flagpole intact and straight?

Truck / Pulley: Is the truck on the top of the flagpole straight and secure? When lowering and raising the flag, is the rope moving through the pulley smoothly or is it sticky or rough?

Rope: Is the rope fraying? If the rope is thin or frayed in any spot, it may need to be replaced.

Snap Hooks: This is the part that attaches the flag to the rope and they do get worn out over time. Are there any places on the snap hook that are worn and thin?  It is best to replace them ahead of time so that they do not break and cause your flag to fly with only one attachment.

Snap Hook Covers: This is the vinyl cover that goes over the snap hook to keep the snap hook clanging on the aluminum flagpole to a minimum. These will wear out, dry out with the sun, and occasionally need to be replaced.

Cleat: This is the part of the flagpole where you tie the rope. Is it loose or worn?

Flagpole: Stand back, is the flagpole plumb or is it leaning? If it is leaning, this can be fixed, just give us a call.

Flag: How does your flag look after a long winter? Is it faded? Frayed? Is it dirty? It is possible the flag can be cleaned & mended, which is a service we offer. If not, it is time for a new flag.

If you have an internal halyard flagpole here are additional parts to check:

Internal Halyard Checklist

Cable: Check the cable, is it fraying or thinning? If so, it is time to get the cable replaced. So much easier and affordable when changing as a form of maintenance rather than it breaking and having to access the top of the flagpole.

Flag Arranger: On cable flagpoles, a flag arranger is necessary to attach the flag to the cable. Look at the cable as well as the carabiner and thimbles, make sure there is no wear and tear. 

Retainer Ring: The retainer ring holds the rope or cable to the flagpole so it does not fly free. Are the thimbles in good condition? Are you missing nylon balls?

Weight: The weight keeps the flag taught and from scrunching up the flagpole. Check the loop where it is attached to the cable for any wear.

Door: Some internal halyard flagpoles have an access door, is it opening, do you have a key, is it missing? These are all things we can help you with.

This list is long and daunting, but that is why we are here. It is much easier and affordable to replace these parts from the ground than getting to the top of the flagpole. We stock most flagpole parts and they are ready to ship or install. 

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