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February 7th, 2024

Do Municipalities have Flags and Flagpoles? 

What is a municipality? A municipality is a city or town with a local, elected government. The difference between a municipality and a county is that a municipality is typically a city. While a county, also known as a borough, township, or parish, has several cities (municipalities) within the county. Many fire and police departments operate under the local municipality. Do municipalities have flags and flagpoles? Yes! They typically have several flags and flagpoles within their jurisdiction. Flags at city hall, flags at the courthouse, flags at the police and fire department. 

What type of flags do municipalities use?

The American flag is the most popular type of flag that municipalities fly. Followed closely by a state flag. Most towns and cities also fly a custom city flag. We also have requests for military flags, which includes POW-MIA flag, and local professional sport team flags. We offer deep discounts when purchasing flags in bulk. Contact our team for a quote.

Flagpoles at city government buildings

Typically a flagpole is installed at local municipalities during construction of the government building. We have found some cities either need to upgrade existing flagpoles or add additional flagpoles to existing flagpole displays.  

A very popular product that towns and cities purchase are light pole flag kits. These are typically flown in the summer, between Memorial Day and Labor Day which includes Independence Day. This provides a beautiful way to spruce up main street as well as promote patriotism.

What do municipalities do when they need Flagpole Service and Repair?

As a full service flag and flagpole company, we offer service to repair and maintain flagpoles. When the rope or cable breaks on a flagpole or a winch or component of a flagpole is not working, simply reach out to us to get a quote and schedule the repair. We also offer all types of flagpole parts including snap hooks, snap hook covers, cleats, balls, eagles, pulleys, trucks, retainer rings, weights, and much more!

Memorials and Monuments

We have installed many flagpoles for local municipalities memorials or monuments, especially when it is veteran themed. When considering the layout of the memorial or monument, remember to include the flagpoles. Some monuments and memorials have separate flagpoles for each military branch as well as the United States, state, and local municipality flag.

Oftentimes as the end of the year nears, public budget dollars need to be spent. Consider stocking up on flags as the flag does not have an expiration date. We are here for all your flag and flagpole needs.

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