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December 14th, 2023

State Flag Designs That Have Changed

State flags, like any symbols, can undergo changes over time for various reasons, ranging from shifts in political ideologies to updates in graphic design trends. Here are a few examples of state flags that have changed over the years. You can decide for yourself whether the design changes were an improvement or not.


Old Design: Nevada’s original flag featured the state’s emblem and the words “Silver” and “Gold.”

New Design: The current flag, adopted in 1929, features the state emblem against a blue background. The emblem is pretty small in the upper left corner. 


Old Design: Georgia’s flag underwent a significant change in 2001. The previous flag featured the Confederate battle emblem, which sparked controversy and led to its redesign.

New Design: The current Georgia state flag features a simplified design with the state seal on a blue field. The controversial Confederate emblem was removed.


Old Design: Mississippi’s flag used to also include the Confederate battle flag prominently. In 2020, the state voted to change its flag due to concerns about the Confederate symbol’s association with racism.

New Design: The new flag, adopted in 2021, features a magnolia blossom, stars, and the phrase “In God We Trust.”


Old Design: The state coat of arms inside a golden circle with 1986 on a blue background. The flag was adopted in 2011. 

New Design: The newest flag design was voted on March 2, 2023 to become the new flag. It will become the new official state flag on March 9, 2024. The flag has a beehive right in the middle representing Utah’s history. A 5 point white star right below the beehive representing Utah becoming the 45th State. There is a hexagon around the beehive and star, representing unity and strength. The blue field represents Utah’s wide open skies, the white is snowy mountain peaks, and the red is Southern Utah’s majestic landscape. 


Currently Minnesota is undergoing a new flag design. The current flag they have is the state seal on yet another blue background. They have narrowed down the new design to three finalists. They must have a final flag by January 1, 2024. The flag will likely replace the current flag in May 2024. 

It feels like lately there have been more flag redesigns than in the past. Which is good. There are so many state flags that have the state seal on a blue background. There is so much potential for states to have a well designed flag. We are all for these new flag designs. 

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