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November 29th, 2023

State Flag Designs that Fall Short

At Custom Flag Company, we take your designs and bring them to life, but we also give you suggestions for what designs will look and perform the best for your flag. Designing flags takes skill and thoughtfulness. When you see a poorly designed flag, it might catch your eye in all the wrong ways or it may simply be forgettable. Here are some state flag examples that fall into the poorly designed category in our opinion. This, of course, is simply for fun and education. We know that these artists did their best with the skills they had, but these are the state flags that we think fall short of the mark.

State Flag Designs that Fall Short


Washington is a beautiful state. Its flag could have a better design. There are so many states that have blue flags, so a state with a green flag is unique. However, the Washington seal could have a little more thought in it. There is so much beauty in Washington, the flag does not represent the state in that way.


Next on our list is Connecticut. The most common color on a flag is blue. The emblem on this blue flag does not quite catch your attention. From afar, you can not see what is going on inside the emblem, therefore, you would not know the vineyard is inside the shield. 


As someone who is around flags all day, I could not remember what Nevada’s flag looked like. They are trying to be a little different by having the seal in the upper left corner of the flag. However, it is difficult to see with the size. And if there was more on the flag, it would not seem as odd. But the rest of the flag is empty space. It feels like there is wasted space. The design is lost in a sea of royal blue and nothing more.


Again, another beautiful state not well represented by its flag. And another blue background. The main issue here lies in the fact that there is a seal and a banner both stating “state of Idaho”. It is redundant for sure.


And rounding out our top (or bottom) five we have the state of Delawre. It is no to give us a break from all of the bright blues we see so often. However, there is a lot going on inside the diamond in the center of the flag. It starts with a sailboat on the top and goes into a seal with a sheaf of wheat, and ear of corn, and an ox. On each side of the seal is a farmer and soldier. Unless you are a flag wiz, looking at the flag, you would not know what everything was on the flag. It is a busy flag, and the state could be represented in a much better way. 

While this is all for fun, it seems like some of these states will never change their flag. A recent example of a state changing their flag is Utah. They went from another blue flag with a seal in the middle to a nice modern design. We would love to see more states refresh their flags to better symbolize their state. 

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