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November 22nd, 2023

Make American Flags in America Act

The flag industry has been working on passing a bill to require federal properties to fly American Flags 100% made in America. They are calling the bill “Make American Flags in America Act of 2023”. As we support this bill, we want to ensure the public is educated on why this bill is being put in place. 

Make American Flags in America Act


As we have mentioned before, we are part of FMAA (Flag Manufacturers Association of America). The association was formed when American Flag Manufacturers decided they wanted to partner with flag suppliers to ensure the American Flag was 100% sourced and made in America. Through FMAA, we are a certified retailer and guarantee our American flags are American made. 

Where Are American Flags Made If Not in America? 

The simple answer is the flags are made overseas, usually in China. 

Counterfeit American Flags Sold on Amazon

Amazon is the most common place people buy their imported American Flags. I agree, Amazon is an easy, fast place to shop and the shipping is free. Many Amazon retailers claim to be US Made, FMAA certified, or Veteran Owned. Why wouldn’t you trust what they are saying? However, a large percentage of the Amazon retailers selling American flags are selling imported US flags. An indication the flag is made overseas is when the flag is half the MSRP. 

We used to sell American flags on Amazon but in the end we were lost in the imported US flag crowd, therefore pulling our product from the site. 

What is HR 4137? 

The bill HR 4137 is to Make American Flags in America. As a company that sells only American Made American Flags, it is frustrating when you see American flags flying that were not made in America. While the quality of imported American flags is getting better, as someone who sees the American Made version every day, you can tell it is imported. 

The bill is specifically for Federal buildings and government agencies must fly American flags that are 100% made in the United States. It makes sense that public funds support US manufacturing, rather than Chinese manufacturing, ultimately, keeping our dollars in America. This bill is a start to bring awareness to the importance of US made American flags.

We are pretty passionate about US made American flags, and want to be sure you are getting a high quality American flag that is made in America. Next time you buy an American flag, skip Amazon, and shop with us!

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