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September 27th, 2023

Signs Your Flag Needs Some TLC

Our flags are made with materials and methods that make them durable. Our American flags are made in either 200 Denier Nylon or 2-Ply Polyester, and our custom flags are made in 200 Denier Nylon. Even still, there comes a time when your flag needs some attention. Flags can get damaged due to various factors such as weather, wind, and wear over time. What are signs your flag needs some TLC?

Fading Colors

If the colors on your flag have significantly faded, it might be a sign that the fabric has been exposed to harsh sunlight and weather conditions. This wears down the material leading to fraying faster. We find polyester tends to fade faster than nylon. If the red is more orange, and the blue is more gray, it is time to retire the flag. 

Tears or Fraying

Check the edges of the flag for tears, fraying, or unraveling. Small tears can lead to larger ones if not addressed promptly. We find nylon frays faster than polyester. Once the nylon starts to fray it frays fast. The polyester takes a little longer for fraying to move along the flag. Read our blog to determine if your flag is in good condition to clean and repair or if it needs to be retired.

Signs Your Flag Needs Some TLC

Holes or Rips

Obvious holes or rips in the flag’s fabric indicate damage that needs to be either repaired or retired. If there is a hole in the middle of the flag, we are unable to repair it. A hole at the fly end of the flag can be repaired.

Broken Grommets

Grommets are the brass rings used to attach the flag to a flagpole. If they are broken or torn out the flag will need to be retired.

Visible Wear and Tear

If you notice signs of wear and tear that are affecting the flag’s overall appearance, it’s time to consider repair or replacement. 

Detached Sections

If any sections of the flag, such as printed designs or patches, are coming loose, the flag should be retired and replaced.

Regularly inspecting your flag for these signs of damage and wear will help you catch issues early and address them before they worsen. Depending on the severity of the damage, you might need to decide whether to repair the flag or replace it with a new one. Either way, Custom Flag Company would be happy to help. We can inspect your flag for damage and clean or repair it as needed. And should you need an entirely new flag, well, we can help with that too.

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