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August 2nd, 2023

Senior Banners

As the summer is ending, there is a group of students anticipating the last, first day of high school. The senior class!  A smaller group of those students are athletes. Recognition of those student athletes happens in many ways, but a popular option is hanging senior banners for those students during their final season. Where do you even start designing a banner? We are the team to help you. 

What Sports Have Senior Banners? 

We have seen every sport represent senior banners. From football, hanging on the sideline near the home team stands, basketball, hanging in the school gym, to softball and baseball hanging near the backstop. Actually, all sports and clubs have honored the seniors by making banners.

Designing A Senior Banner 

A popular design is a picture of the student athlete, graduating year, their name, and number. Other add-ons can be the school logo, or school name. A solid color background makes seeing all of the details on the banner easier on the eyes. If there is a background you like, we can add it as long as it is a vector file. A professional or highest resolution photo of the student will be best, otherwise the photo could be pixelated. 

Senior Banners

Banner Size

We can make any size banner you would like, we usually see 3’x2’ vertical banners. They are big enough to see from a distance, but not too big where you can’t fit it on a wall or fence. A 4’ chain link fence is likely the smallest area to hang a banner, but these 3’ tall banners will fit perfectly on them. If you need them smaller or larger we can make them. 

Hanging the Banner

We will add a brass grommet in each corner of the banner. If you would like it to be more secure, we can always add more grommets. Using zip ties is an easy way to install and uninstall the senior banners. They are not permanent, so the grommets make them versatile. Many times, the parent of the senior or the booster representative for the sport is responsible for their senior banner. Hanging before a game and removing the banner, if necessary, between games.

Our team is readily available to help design your senior banners for the upcoming school year. Contact us to start your project today.

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