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July 19th, 2023

Football Field Runner Flag

Football season is coming up quick, and now is time to start thinking about getting your custom field runner flag. Spirit flags are meant to pump up the crowd and get them excited for the team to come out onto the field or after scoring a touchdown. Another way these can be used is having the players run on the field with the flags. Field runner flags can be used in any sport but the most popular is football, followed by basketball. We are here to help create your football field runner flag. 

Single Side Reverse or Double Sided? 

There are some things to take into consideration when making your football field runner flag. The first is to determine if you want it single side reverse or double sided. There are pros and cons to both of these. The single side reverse is less expensive than a double sided flag, and is lighter. If you are just putting a logo on the flag this is a great option as it is the same on both sides. However, if you are doing multiple flags to spell out the team name or abbreviation, the single side reverse may or may not be the best option. Double sided flags are heavier and more expensive, but if you plan on running back and forth with the flags and have letters or words, double sided might be a better option. 

Header & Grommets or Pole Sleeve? 

Another factor to take into consideration is if you would like a pole sleeve or header and grommets. We find header and grommets to be more versatile than a pole sleeve. You can attach a flag with header and grommets to any pole while you are more limited on pole selection with a pole sleeve. 

Also, what side is best to have the header and grommets or pole sleeve? We will typically add it to the left side of the flag, but if you run on the field from the left to right and want it to be the correct direction for your fans, you may consider adding the header and grommets to the right side of the flag. 

If you need help figuring out what size field runner flag or what flagpole you need, read our blog or contact us

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