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July 6th, 2023

Breakaway Banners

Breakaway banners are crowd favorite and a wonderful way to promote team spirit and pump up the crowd. Custom made run-through banners are two banners made with high quality fabric connected together with velcro. The banners come with two poles for each end of the banner to hold it up.  

It is common for cheerleaders to make posters out of rolls of paper to hold up for the football team to run through. When using a reusable breakaway banner, the graphics are large and professional. The time used to make the banners can be used in other ways like perfecting routines or preparing for competitions. Also, the permanent breakaway saves on paper and other supplies needed to make a banner each week. 

The most popular time to use a breakaway banner is during football season. The large breakaway is eye-catching to fans and the players get hyped up for the big game. Run-through banners are also popular with basketball. A little smaller banner would be appropriate for basketball games. Also, cheer teams use breakaway banners in some of their competitions. 

Breakaway banners

Size Options

Depending on how big the team is, will depend on how big you want the banner to be. A high school football team might benefit more from having a 10’x15’ banner. While a youth team might be better off with a 4’x8’. The other sizes in between are 6’x10’ or 8’x12’. However, the sizes are fully customizable, so we can fit your needs. 

Fabric Options

250g Soft Knitted is the option we have found to be best for these banners. It is light enough to hold up, but thick enough to not be able to see what is behind the banner. Also, the banner can be washed in the event it gets dirty or muddy. 

Finish & Hardware

A break-away banner is essentially two banners and velcro holds the two banners together until the team runs through it.. Two poles are inserted into the pole sleeves for the cheerleaders to hold until the team runs through it breaking it apart. Everything breaks down for easy storage.

Design Ideas

If the banner is something you would like to use for multiple years, something simple is the best option. The school or team name and team logo will ensure your competition knows who is coming. Sometimes your team has a slogan, add that to the top of the banner. If you know the banner will only last one season and can be customized to the team that year, add the names and numbers of players or the year of the season. 

With football season right around the corner, reach out to us to get your banner. Production time is about two weeks.

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