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June 7th, 2023

Sponsorship Golf Flags

When putting on a golf tournament for a fundraiser, there is always the question, how can we attract more sponsors or make the sponsorship worthwhile? Sponsorship golf flags are the answer. This is a small benefit that goes a long way. 

Golf Pin Flags

Golf pin flags are a great addition to a sponsorship. If the golf course allows you to change out the pin flags for the tournament you are hosting, these can add value to your sponsorships. They can be fully customized for each hole. The sponsor’s name can take up the majority of the flag, and then you can add in the name of the organization the tournament is for. Typically every group will remove the golf pin when they are putting, so imagine how many people will see the logo on each hole. 

The golf pin flags are double sided, so the words read correctly on both sides. They also come with the attachment for the golf pin. 

An added benefit is the golf flag can be presented to the sponsor as a keepsake. A longtime sponsor can build a collection of golf flags for each year. 

Golf Pin Flags

Sponsorship Tee Box Signs

Although this is not a golf flag, another option for signage at a golf tournament is having a sign at each tee box to show who the hole sponsor is. These are corrugated signs with a metal stand to stick directly in the grass. These are affordable and can also be fully customized for each sponsor. 

If your thought is to have lower sponsorship levels, you can have both of these options at each hole. A tee box sponsor can have the corrugated sign, and the green sponsor can have a golf pin flag. This gets sponsors the attention they were looking for, and raises money for the organization. It is a win-win for both parties. 

Start thinking about your sponsorship golf flags today!

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