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April 26th, 2023

Inspect your Flagpole

As the weather warms up, checking on your flagpole is important. Winter is hard on flags and flagpoles. The cold weather and windier days can take a toll on your flagpole. Now is the perfect time to inspect your flagpole. Here is what to check for. 

Inspect Your Flagpole


The most obvious part of your flagpole is the flag. Check the color of the flag, is it still bright and vibrant? Or did it fade from the winter sun? Is the fly end starting to fray? If the color is still bright, we might be able to clean and repair the flag. Does the material feel thin, like it could easily tear? It might be time to replace your flag. 

Snap Hooks

The clips that attach the flag to the pole can wear out by rubbing on the brass grommets on the flag or the rubbing from the rope. These are easy to replace, and not too expensive. If one of them breaks, your flag could be hanging on by one snap hook and grommet. Or if they both break at the same time, you could lose your flag. 


The rope on your flagpole is similar to the snap hooks, they don’t need to be replaced very often, but you really don’t want your rope to break. If the rope breaks, there is no way to replace it from the ground. We would have to get to the top of your flagpole which can be about 3-4 times the cost for the service than if we just did it from the ground. 


If you have a solar light, does it still work? Is it lasting through the night? Your light should still last through the night in the winter, but because the days are shorter there is a chance it does not. However, in the spring, summer, and fall when the days are longer giving your solar light more time to charge, it should last all night. Lights don’t last forever, and may need to be replaced.  

If you need any products, you can order them online or give us a call to order them over the phone. If you would like us to come to your flagpole and replace any of these parts, contact us so we can get you on the schedule.

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