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April 19th, 2023

Custom Flag for the Summer

Spring is here, and warmer weather is upon us, it is camping, traveling, boating, and lake season. Do you have any trips planned with a group this spring or summer? A custom flag for the summer is a perfect addition to your festivities. 

Camping Flag

When camping with a large or small group, you want to be sure your friends can find your campsite. What better way to mark your own or all campsites with a custom flag? This way, when arriving at the campground you know where your friends are set up for the week or weekend. Sometimes spots are spread out, and campers look alike, why not have a fun, creative, and personalized way to identify your camping site? 

Cabin Flag

Similarly to a camping flag, a cabin flag is an ideal way for guests to locate their cabin if there is no other signage. Letting guests know to look for the cabin with the flagpole that has an American flag and a custom flag with a bear on it ensures your guests are at the correct place. 

Boating Flag

Most boats have a name, although it might already be on the side of the boat, adding a flag can add fun and pizazz and make the name stick out a little more. Making the custom boat flag a bright color or a fun design is recognizable, and people on the lake will remember you when you keep coming back. 

Custom Flag for the Summer

Lake Flag

Do you have a house on the lake? Instead of the flagpole in the front of the house, it might be better off in the back on the dock. This is where most guests will arrive from, having your custom lake flag on your flagpole will point them in the right direction. Homes look a little different from the back than they do the front. If you are a guest staying with someone with a lake house, consider a customized flag as a thank you gift. This will make a huge impact to the hosts.

Talking about these warm weather activities makes me ready for summer. What better way to get ready for the season than a custom flag for the summer. Our team can help design and print your custom flag

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