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April 12th, 2023

Is Nylon or Polyester Better?

There are so many options when it comes to flags, different sizes, different materials, different finishes. What size flag do I need? Is nylon or polyester better? So what is right for you? When figuring out which American flag to purchase, there are different answers than custom flags. Let’s figure out what flag you need. 

What Size Flag do I Need? 

When someone is unsure what size flag they need, some questions we will ask are: 

  • How are you using the flag? 
  • Will this go on a flagpole on the side of your house or on a flagpole in the ground? 
  • Do you have an existing flagpole? 

If the flag is going on a flagpole on the side of your house, we would recommend a 3’x5’ or smaller. If the flag is going on a flagpole in-ground, the size depends on how tall your flagpole is. A 15’ flagpole can fly a 3’x5’, a 20’ flagpole can fly a 3’x5’ or 4’x6’, a 25’ flagpole can fly a 4’x6’ or 5’x8’. If you have a bigger flagpole than any of those, see our flag size recommendations below. 

Are you using the flag somewhere other than at your house or business, and don’t know what size will be best? The “standard” size flag or most common size flag is a 3’x5’. The more detail you provide us with how you are using it, will help us determine what size will be best.

What Flag Material Will Last Longer? 

By answering the questions above, it also helps us to determine which material will be best for you. The American flag and custom flag have different answers. 

Nylon or polyester

American Flags

If you are flying an American flag on the side of your house, we would recommend nylon material. This is because the wind does not whip the flag as much on the side of the house, it is likely getting hit by the sun more. The nylon holds it’s color longer than the polyester. When customers come in with their old flag that has flown on the side of their house, they are typically faded with no fraying. If the flagpole is in-ground and there is heavy wind in your area, we would suggest a 2 ply polyester American flag. With the heavier winds, the polyester will not fray as quickly as the nylon. 

Custom Flags

Custom Flags are not available in the 2 ply polyester. The material options we have available are our domestic 200 denier nylon, which is our gold standard custom flag. Or we have an import polyester. The nylon will last longer than the polyester in this situation. 

What Finish Do I Need? 

The finishes we offer are single side reverse or double sided. And header and grommets or a pole sleeve. We almost always will recommend single side reverse over double sided. It is half the cost and will last longer. A pole sleeve is better when used on an indoor presentation flagpole, but header and grommets are more versatile and what we would suggest for most flags. 

As overwhelming as all this information can be, we want you to make the best decision for your flag use. We are here and available to help you If you still have questions, please reach out.

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