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April 5th, 2023

Free Art for a Custom Flag

Did you know we offer free art when you order a custom flag? Nothing is free, right? Well, some things are. Our free art for a custom flag consists of color changes to existing art, adding text to your current art file, converting some files to vector, and creating a simple custom flag from scratch. Simple would include text and basic design elements. We include one revision for free. When the design is complex there is a minimal charge to convert an existing file to vector format. There will be an art charge when designing a complex design from scratch. 

What is a vector file?

Vector graphics are scalable and can be enlarged without distortion. It is important to have a vector image so that when the image is enlarged enough to fill up a flag the image is not pixelated or blurry. We create vector images in Adobe Illustrator and the file is saved as a .ai or .eps.

Corporate logos

If you are making a company or corporate custom flag, your logo was created somewhere. Check with the marketing department, most likely they will have the vector art file. However, if you are starting from scratch or would like a flag for an event, you likely don’t have the software needed to create the flag. That is where we can help.

Simple Designs 

Flags are meant to be simple and easy to understand. When designing a custom flag, it is important to keep that in mind. For example, if you saw a flag with a “swoosh” on it, you immediately know it is Nike. They don’t need to write Nike on the flag for consumers to recognize the brand. 

Our Custom Flag Company flag has two rectangles creating a flag, but we do have text on our flag. We are not as recognizable as larger brands, but our logo is simple and easy to draw.

The most common flag we will create from scratch is a wedding flag. These are likely flown at your wedding venue on your wedding day. It can be a way to let guests know they are at the correct location when pulling up to the venue. If there are a lot of symbols and writing, it can be difficult to make out what is on the flag. We recommend a symbol such as rings, a boat & oars, trees, or something that symbolizes the couple. Adding the couples names and wedding date is a nice touch. However, putting much more on the flag may be a little chaotic and make it difficult to read. 

Lettering & Fonts

Most flags are single side reverse. This means that the front of the flag reads correctly but the back is a mirror image. A common misconception is that the text is unreadable on the backside of the flag. Our brains can read text backwards, so a single side reverse is just fine for a custom flag with text on it. If it is imperative that the text reads correctly on the back side of the flag, we do offer double sided flags. Since a double sided flag is two printed flags sewn back to back with a liner, the price is about double that of a single side reverse. Also, with the added weight the flag does tend to fray quicker than the single side reverse custom flag. 

When it comes to fonts, remember to choose a font that is simple to read. If you have corporate font standards, it is important to provide the art file with the fonts outlined.

The best thing to do is reach out to our team with your ideas, sketches, files, and we can determine if your idea/art is free or provide a quote if it is complex.

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