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February 15th, 2023

Different Ways to Fold the American Flag

Depending on the use, there are a couple different ways to fold the American flag. The first thought that comes to mind is to fold it into a triangle. While there is nothing wrong with folding the flag in a triangle, it is most commonly done in the military and to flags going in a memorial case. There is also folding the flag for basic storage. The triangle fold is a little more complex, let’s go over it. 

Folding for Storage

When we receive our flags from our manufacturers, the flags are in a square fold. None of our manufacturers will fold the flag in a triangle. So, when you receive a new flag from us, the flag will be in a square fold, not a triangle. 

We also have a service where we change out flags, when the flags can be cleaned and repaired, we send them off to our seamstress. When done repairing the flag, it is folded to fit on our shelves or in our buckets. These are also done in a normal square fold. 

Triangular fold

The triangular fold is more common in ceremonies such as funerals and burial rites. When this is done, it is likely a 5’x9.5’ cotton flag. The 5’x9.5’ cotton American flags are not usually flown outside. They are typically presented at a military or armed forces funeral. The flag is placed over the casket during the ceremony then folded into a triangle and presented to the family at the conclusion of the service. 

The families can choose to store the flag or display the flag. When storing the flag, we offer display cases. These a great way to secure the flag and keep the memory of the family member on display. 

Different Ways to Fold the American Flag

To learn how to fold the American flag in a triangular fold read this blog, we explain it step by step

If you need any help folding your flag, or placing it into a memorial case, bring your flag to our store and we can help you out.

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