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January 31st, 2023

Winter Flag & Flagpole Care Tips

Winter can be tough on flags and flagpoles, but with the right preparation and care, you can keep them in good condition throughout the colder months. Custom Flag Company offers flag cleaning and mending services to help ensure your flags are in top shape for the winter. We will provide tips on the best flag types and flagpoles for winter, as well as how to properly care for them.

The Best Flag Type For Winter

To withstand the strong winds and colder temperatures of winter, choosing a flag made of durable materials is important. Outdoor polyester flags are a great option, as they resist damage from the elements. Custom Flag Company has a wide range of polyester flags, including U.S. flags, state flags, military flags, and more. If you’re currently flying a nylon flag on your in-ground flagpole, we recommend switching to a polyester flag to reduce the potential for damage.

Winter flag & flagpole care tips

The Best Flagpole For Winter

A sturdy flagpole that can withstand windy winter weather is essential to keep your flag in good condition. Solid one-piece flagpoles are the best option when it comes to withstanding the harsh winter conditions. Custom Flag Company offers a variety of flagpole types, sizes, & colors, and flagpoles that are perfect year round. 

How To Clean Your Flag

Cleaning your flag regularly can help increase its lifespan and reduce wear and tear. To clean your flag, use mild detergent and wash with cold water. Once completed, lay or hang the flag out to dry. Cleaning your flag when it is showing signs of filth, will give your flag a fresh look when rehanging on your flagpole. If possible, re hemming the fly ends after washing will keep your flag from fraying faster. If this all sounds like too much, send us your flag and we will clean and repair it for you. 

How Wind Affects Flags & Flagpoles

Wind can wear out your flag over time, so it’s important to take steps to prevent this. Make sure your flag is not rubbing against anything when flying, and ensure you are far enough away from obstacles when installing your flagpole. If a big storm is forecasted, it may be a good idea to bring your flag inside to give both your flag and flagpole a longer life. With proper care, your flags and flagpoles can last for many winters.

Overall, winter can be tough on flags and flagpoles, but with the right preparation and care, they can last all winter. By regularly maintaining your flagpole and choosing the right flag type, you should never have to worry about your flag and flagpole in the winter months.

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