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January 25th, 2023

What is an Indoor Set?  

An indoor is used inside typically in board rooms, stages, meeting rooms, court rooms, and government buildings. Once an indoor flag set is purchased, another one does not need to be purchased again for a while. These are used inside, not fighting the outdoor elements. What parts come with an indoor set? Quite a few, let’s go over them. 


The most common flag in an indoor flag set is the American flag. It is typically finished with a pole sleeve and gold fringe. The pole sleeve will be open at the top and bottom because of the ornament attached on the pole. There is a leather tab on the inside of the sleeve to attach the flag to the pole. Other flags commonly seen in indoor sets are state flags, military flags, or custom flags. These too have the pole sleeve and fringe. 


The ornament is the piece that attaches to the top of the pole. On the American flag, an eagle is the most common ornament and is not typically used for any other flags. State flags and custom flags, we like the round spear, but there are other spears available as well. There is also a passion cross typically found on the Christian flag or a star of David ornament found on the Israeli flag. There is the Texas star topper, which can be used on a Texas indoor flag set or any other, if that is the topper you like. The last ornament we offer is the Maple leaf, this can be used on Canadian indoor flag sets. 


Tassel is included in our indoor set, but it is not necessary. Think of the cord and tassel worn around the necks of graduates, this is the same thing. They give the set a professional look, but are mostly decorative. They are most commonly gold, but available in silver as well. 


We have always offered the adjustable aluminum pole, and it is still what we recommend the most often. As long as the pole is not getting moved around a lot and is staying indoors. The pole can adjust from 6’ to 10’, so you can have it at whatever height works best for you. If you are using the pole for honor guard or using it outdoors, we have seen the adjustable pole fail. In this case we would recommend oak flagpoles or the non adjustable aluminum flagpoles. These are available in 7’ and 8’. 

Floor Base

Our preferred base is the endura floor stand. It is weighted aluminum, so there is no need to worry about the flag tipping over. This is available in gold and silver. There are other bases that are not weighted that you can fill with sand to make them weighted, these are plastic, and available in gold and silver.

Flag Spreader

This is not part of our flag set, but it can be added. The spreader shows off the whole flag instead of the flag just laying flat against the pole. 

This is a product we keep in stock, order it today! 

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